Close Calls & Near Misses Compilation 2018

Close Calls & Near Misses Compilation 2018

Close Calls & Near Misses Compilation 2018

These are some of the closest calls ever caught on camera.

Fastest Workers Compilation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OR7aCvQpRVM&t

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Close Calls & Near Misses Compilation 2018

Brandon Bene - 8 months ago

How did he escape the bear

Glebiys LA - 8 months ago

Please please replace the guy who comments videos!!!

computerssuck93 - 8 months ago

The guy jumping off the cliff and ending up with a shark is already well known to be fake, it was created by a dude named Terry tufferson i think and he just happens to be a very skilled video editor, but it isn't actually real.

Coles - 8 months ago

half of these clips have been proven to be fake by Mr. Disillusion alone

Mustang244 - 8 months ago

The video in the end with the lightning is also fake. It was in one of CaptainDisillusion debunks.

Bentreq - 8 months ago


Wolfgang Ezeh - 8 months ago

How could young people be so stupid? That idiot knew the train was coming and didn’t say anything. What a generation of idiots!

American5585 - 8 months ago

6:43 please don't mess with darvin volvo

American5585 - 8 months ago

10:43 what is close call on this one, fuck this compilation

FSJOKU - 8 months ago

Good video but at least put out a loud audio disclaimer or edit the audio.

El Guapo - 8 months ago

Bear hunter's arrow slip made me laugh I hate to say

TheQfe - 8 months ago

Fucking hate commentary videos

Fugazity - 8 months ago

so why you enter your car in flames, open the trunk and let the car stew? want a new car i guess?

TheSpiceAndRice - 8 months ago


He protecc

He attacc

But most importantly…

He came bacc

WhoopiCushion3 - 8 months ago

This commentator is ass

Raw Toast - 8 months ago

the last on is fake CaptainDisillusion even done a video on it

Joe R - 8 months ago

1:00 they aren't shooting real bullets they are blanks but the air that's forced out is what cause his hat to fly off

Nonika Bahl - 8 months ago

9:10 Eat my dust

Jared - 8 months ago

well i guess it's time to unsubscribe from this channel

Squeek Tate - 8 months ago

I like to shake the hand of the driver at 6:33.

remy Dharmaraj - 8 months ago

this is a video from toptrending i actually considered watching, good job.

Ricardo Castro - 8 months ago

People laugh after cheating death I wanna see them laugh when death takes them. Same goes for the idiot recording

Piano Girl - 8 months ago


Nguyễn Hữu Vương - 8 months ago

Fucking dumass that man

trashy trash - 8 months ago

Video at 5:47 is fake. What is channel anymore

suomiman100 - 8 months ago

5:35 this is fake btw

Itz Trubz - 8 months ago

0:05 know who your real friends are

Itz Trubz - 8 months ago

8:42 someone get that kid a new home, if he or she is still alive of course after all this time

greg eads - 8 months ago

I swear, watching these close calls are worse than if they actually happened for some reason.

Dan Data - 7 months ago

Narrator is thick as a thief. How has he been allowed to even speak??? Unsubbed.

El Chico de las Pestañas Largas - 7 months ago

More videos like this

areamusicale - 7 months ago

5:42 fake and already debunked by Capitan Disillusion

areamusicale - 7 months ago

11:42 WTF, dude! These clips are fake !!! Don't you know water conducts electricity, and wet rocks reflects light?
Seriously, how can you be so blind !?

Alebian Silguero - 7 months ago

Song sounds like
“I love that cash i love it”

Jay Case - 7 months ago

Fake lightning causing legit deafness with earbuds bruh….fail

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