Disney Channel Stars Before And After 2018 (Then and Now)

Disney Channel Stars Before And After 2018 (Then and Now)

Disney Channel Stars Before And After 2018 (Then and Now)

Here are some of Disney’s biggest child stars before and after 2018.

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Disney Channel Stars Before And After 2018 (Then and Now)

Erick Martinez - last year

Where's Ricky Ullman, Hilary Duff, Ashley Leggat, Kimberly J. Brown, Kyle Massey, and Christy Romano? Please do a part 2. There are way more than that.

Jacob Bruhn - last year

There's just something about Zac Efron, he seems like the kinda lad you'd hang out with at the pub.

Adrian Negreanu - last year

Raven Simone is a racist annoying twat

Bismuth's Inferno - last year

Bella Thorne

Kevin Robinson - last year

I dont know that I would say Miley Cyrus "defined a generation"

Owner Of All Deathly Hallows - last year

how could you forget holes!

Maria Mort - last year

Never heard about Zendaya before this video…

Darshit soni - last year

Like It if Uh Still Remember Those Days?


I don't care about disney anymore
I only care about Star Wars and the MCU

Mike Litoris - last year

Good ol' days

iDavid4224 - last year

Where are they? Easy, in rehab/jail/dead

Big Steve - last year

Where's the other guy 🙁

FreedCornet743 - last year

Filmore was the Denzel Washington (Equalizer) of the cartoon world

AlexanderTheGr8 - last year

Raven you can say you like men and women but you'll always want one more than the other. I know people like her. They use bi to hide being gay.

McCloud_N9NE - last year

How dare they not mention Holes with Shia

Keen Rule - last year

I miss the old Miley…😖😔😔😔

Nebojsa Vuga - last year

Where bela thorne at?

Brian Salas - last year

Dylan Sprouse is opening up a whine shop in Williamsburg Brooklyn at the Williamsburg Vale on N11 I think. I met him and he’s actually a pretty chill person

Edward Tamas - last year

They all were a part of my childhood, so sad seeing some of them have changed in worse, so good to see the others having a good life

Supercaddy 123 - last year

How come they using the intro for brazzers?

AH Linkin - last year

Uh… isn't that backtrack music for the video from Roosterteeth's Lazerteam promotions?

Andrew Paulo - last year

I did not even knew demi was the girl from camp rock

Beauty with Brittany - last year

Where is Hilary duff !!!!!

DanSparrow - last year

Those stars for Miley Cyrus were a little bit too late lol

khushbu's corner - last year

Getting older with these guys is really nc

MINECRAFT GAMER 6921 Lol - last year

Demi lovato is no stranger to needles either

Beautiful Sinner - last year

Raven Simone is beautiful 😍😍

Lleer00n A. - last year

Disney should atay away from children.

Elke x - last year

Where is Bella Thorne??

Mr. Bipolar - last year

They are all dead.

Jayesh Verma - last year

NBA live game

red slippers - last year

hey! If you're reading this then remember that you are beautiful ! Don't ever change!
You were born for a reason and that reason is to be yourself
Don't forget that! 🙂
~from a youtuber with a dream

Lil Koita - last year

no no no that voice is fucked up

Carlo X - last year

on the thumbnail that's not the same twin

Mr. P - last year

What happened to BaersTaffys voice???

Tichina Witherspoon - last year

Am i the only one who knows that shia labeouf was also in Charlie's angels, holes, irobot, nymphomaniac, constantine, eagle eye, and wall street money never sleep

Darkenade - last year

Selena with bangs was pretty nutty

phantom2k10 - last year

'light skinned African American slave' what? Why couldn't you just say African american even though that term is an oxymoron

secutorclaudius - last year


William Relf - last year

Miley isn't 26 until 23rd November this year.

gav - last year

What's sean Kingston up to these days?

Vlad Yavorov - last year

Never heard of them…… Fortunately

William Simonsen - last year

Male specialist word trailer horizon pot American limited nurse late vitamin though.

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