Entourage Cast, Where Are They Now?

Entourage Cast, Where Are They Now?

Entourage Cast, Where Are They Now?

Catch up with the cast of Entourage as we find out what they’re up to today in 2018, after the show.

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Entourage Cast, Where Are They Now?

Luis Madr - 11 months ago

This is sad, Alexa play despacito

Dylan Lloyd - 11 months ago

This is a bad ass movie

Kingpunk 28 - 11 months ago

Love your vids, keep it up 👍

Jackson Lafferty - 11 months ago


Angelique Farmer - 11 months ago

If you dont know where Turtle is you ain't got a tv. He's stayed cute after the last season and movie

Jack Hynes - 11 months ago

who the fuck would consider Turtle the wet blanket in the group lmfaoooo

Kenny Martinez - 11 months ago

Pretty good "where are they now" video but two facts about Ari are not accurate. Ari didn't have a tendency to cheat??? When he did finally hook up with Dana he was separated from his wife and she was banging fucking Bobby Flay 🙂

Claudia Ivy - 11 months ago

hey random person scrolling through the comments ☺☺

Andrew S - 11 months ago

This channel died lol

Daniel Pereira-Colón - 11 months ago

This is to this day my fav show ever

some105 - 11 months ago

I loved this show so much. Every single character was unique and felt… honest! The group just reminded me so much about my own friend's group.

Mutombo Says - 11 months ago

Bruh, they irrelevant. Why not do ICarly Cast where are they now?

Apexbossman - 11 months ago

Jerry is on power did u forget to mention that

Fouronesix 82 - 11 months ago

The Entourage movie was one of the worst things ever filmed

Impulse - 11 months ago

i miss Entourage

sanona129 - 11 months ago

Jerry aka Turtle stars on the hit Starz show Power. You forgot to mention that!

Mithun Vinayaraj - 11 months ago

When discussing Rhys Coiro, the poster that popped up one the video for '24' was of a south Indian movie(Tamil language) but what they meant was the show 24 with Jack Bauer

Family Funny - 11 months ago

pls subscribe to our channel and be motivate everyday

The Beatty Bunch - 11 months ago

Ari never cheated on his wife……. Check your facts….

Anthony Dot - 11 months ago


Anthony Dot - 11 months ago

Did this Narrator idiot even watch the show ? Ari Gold NEVER cheated he says it 400000x . And he doesn’t touch a woman until Dana Gordon when him and Melissa Gold split up for 6 months .

eatdrinkNBmerry - 11 months ago

Ari Gold did not have the tendency to cheat!

Sid - 11 months ago

Glad to see the boys are doing well still!!!
Also does Emmanuel not fucking age? She's 42 now

Phillip Martin - 10 months ago

Ari never cheated!

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