Famous Internet Memes, Where Are They Now?

Famous Internet Memes, Where Are They Now?

Famous Internet Memes, Where Are They Now?

Here are your favorite internet memes then and now. Join us while we catch up on the lives behind the most famous memes on the internet.

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Famous Internet Memes, Where Are They Now?

Michael Mace - last month

I just needed something to watch while driving home.

Carolyn Maples - last month

"What are they up to now? We don't know. Next! What are THESE people up to now? Uh… We don't know. Okay next!"

Hanz Fox - last month

>plebbit memes
>Tumblr memes

manufacturedfracture - last month

What grinds my gears. People changing words to memes

Roc - last month

Thanks for doing this awesome research. I have been a meme maker and love those guys. Love memes. Love hipster barrista. Can I have my latte macchiato coffee powder soja milk raw fairtrade sugar cream on top ice cold coffee please? 😀

scubasteve84 - last month

Somehow overly describing these memes makes them less funny….

Delboy555P - last month


TheUnstill - last month

New meme at screenshot 4:54.

COEXISTential - last month

Over a million/100,000 dollars :-/

Mark Baldridge - last month

$1,00,000 is one hundred thousand dollars, dude.

Duncan F - last month

1,00,000 isn't a million dollars…

Matt Mediate - last month

This is not clickbait. The video delivered exactly what the title said. The problem is a lot of you don't know actually know what click bait is.

bbq ribs - 4 weeks ago

"sucess kid"

Eddie DaSilva - 4 weeks ago

Cant you shut up?? Fuck you cant stop talking 😂😂

Adi Hermann - 4 weeks ago


Returning Shadow - 4 weeks ago

Narrator has meme words in front of him …. reads words wrong!

Heinrich - 4 weeks ago

YouTube recommended, It has no idea

Brad Torville - 4 weeks ago

Whoever adds the text to your videos really needs to proofread them. My God, the spelling mistakes are atrocious.

Tire Cruncher - 4 weeks ago


hsubu - 4 weeks ago

4:55 Million dollars? That’s 100,000

shaolinwisdom - 4 weeks ago

Bad Luck Brian looks like Biff Tannen now. His luck just got worse. 😆

vBDKv - 4 weeks ago

memes are as stupid as fucking vines.

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