Famous YouTubers Childhood Photos

Famous YouTubers Childhood Photos

Famous YouTubers Childhood Photos

Here are some of the biggest youtubers before and after. From yearbook photos to family portraits, you won’t believe what these youtubers looked like before they were famous.

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Famous YouTubers Childhood Photos

Oryx TheMad God - 11 months ago

Pewds and Markiplier pretty much havent changed at all

SpangeBab - 11 months ago

0:34 holy shit Logan is just staring into your soul with wide eyes OMG

Oryx TheMad God - 11 months ago

3:49 more Rhett and Jim Carrey amirite

Royal X - 11 months ago

casey looks like the columbine shooter

meth0d - 11 months ago

i don't know who 90% of these people are. i dont know if i should feel proud or old.

SUB BOT - 11 months ago

Half of these people have beef with one a other

sudan MJ - 11 months ago

logan ugly teeth paul..

21stcenturymermaid - 11 months ago

god damn logan deff the uglier brother i see .

21stcenturymermaid - 11 months ago

fousey got ugly when he got to highschool cause before tht he was really handsome

Joel Garrett - 11 months ago

Do one wheth dantdm

DavidTheJal - 11 months ago

Logam paul and jake back then already looked extra retarded

WarrePjuus - 11 months ago

0:54 BuTtHeAd StReEt seinfeld music plays

Martin Lindgren - 11 months ago


Lindsey C - 11 months ago

It is so weird to see youtubers that normally show off their bodies so modest. I mean I know that they are kids but it is like woah they were normal people.

Anonymous - 11 months ago

I dont even know most of these….

Zach M - 11 months ago

You're sure that guy didn't say "top of the mornin to ye laddies, it's Jacksepticeye's estranged uncle phil"

Killed by Myself - 11 months ago

That was the moment, when Jake and Logan have stopped their mental growth.

EpicBryson gaming - 11 months ago

Logan Paul bruh

Lucas Teeter Channel - 11 months ago

Where is your picture

UrDadLezbian UrMomGay - 11 months ago

@1:30 E

Xwing2000 [GD] - 11 months ago


Jay Dupree - 11 months ago


Nick Hester - 11 months ago

Wow. You guys are all over the Paul brothers’ dicks. Aren’t ya?

celinsoz - 11 months ago

ethan klein looked like ted mosby

dank memes - 11 months ago

Idubbz most unlikely to succeed well shit

Steven Dakota - 11 months ago

Cool video

AB-6798 - 11 months ago

wow, everyone kinda looked the same when they were children!

Lon Hixson - 11 months ago

It's a contradiction to put the words famous and youtubers together as 99% of the world has never heard of any of them.

Viktor Kazak - 11 months ago

Video looks like it was made by a little kid. Weak for 4m subbs.

Sammantha 1234 - 11 months ago

I love since now Shane is gaining popularity everyone is jumping on the bandwagon and using him for thumbnails

Emerald Dragon - 11 months ago

The background music sucks

Tampa Kels - 11 months ago

Jack looks like my drunk uncle 💀

NothingHeard - 11 months ago

4:05 Jefree was born this way for sure. lol
He looks like a serial killer on that pic.

SoccerNoobStars - 11 months ago

Who takes a Selfie with a iPad lol

Azzamatic - 11 months ago

I was hoping to see Sam Pepper on the list

This Awesome Channel - 11 months ago

Logan Paul Looks So Cuteeeeeee

Sal khan - 11 months ago

I don't know any of these ugly mother fuckers

Michael Hunt - 11 months ago

Don't know any of these people.

Dontae Williams - 11 months ago

Shane looked like a school shooter

iamadinosaur007 - 11 months ago

YouTube celebrity is a thing…dude wtf

Tbake102704 - 11 months ago

This should be called proof to date the ugly girls in high school

c h l y - 10 months ago

3:39 the same facial expressions

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