People are amazing. These workers are the fastest and most skilled in the world.

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FASTEST WORKERS 2018 | Amazing Level Master https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avoPOfLIxUU

Fast Workers God Level 2018 (with Realistic Sound ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fymM6VcMwoI

Fast Workers 2018 – God Level Expert Love Their Work https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cA-PTx3LUgA


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beerborn - last year

TUNA, the worlds most dumbest fishes in the world. They'll bite on any fishing lure they see. 1:18

beerborn - last year

Whenever I order shit from China, they aways wrap the fucking shit out of the box with yellow tape. 2:41

NadrianATRS - last year

We don't need a voiceover. We can see just fine

American5585 - last year

9:55 how to spoil perfect mcflurry

Jacob Freeman - last year

Asians a very efficient people

KuKoKaNuKo - last year

Song name @ 13:23 plz?

Mike Pellerin - last year

Wrapping packages in that much tape is mean for the consumer. I purchase coins on Ebay, and some sellers Mummify them like this! I've nearly ruined collectible coins trying to cut them out of this type of Tape Bondage!

Wilderness Daily - last year

Wow Amazing skills

TNboy 200711 - last year

5:47 a box didn’t get scanned if you look closely

TNboy 200711 - last year

And a few more stuff

TNboy 200711 - last year

And the shoe store was good

TNboy 200711 - last year

8:27 throwing alcohol 🍺

Garret Gates - last year

Is that much tape really necessary?! I wouldn't be happy if I got a package with that much tape on it

NetTrap - last year

2:43 when you tell the new guy to use a little tape

NetTrap - last year

Top 10 employees of the month

NetTrap - last year

All that speed and still make minimum

yhkljn s - last year

make a people work as a machine is a sorriness of human being. Uninterruptedly repeating a motion very fast is the worst thing to people's joints and muscle.

walper dreier - last year

better if you will create a tutorial video, but anyway this simply worked
good one!

ErraticHippo - last year

0:14 Was that beer? Did they waste beer? Those sons of bitches.

Nate one - last year

How was no one getting fish hooked on that fishing video?

Nate one - last year

Pizza huts boxes are stupid and that guy was slow

Nate one - last year

Do Indy Cars not have bolts to screw in or just 1 main one?

Nate one - last year

What's the song at the end? I love that dubstep song

rune waldbjørn - last year

why do u need to talk over it?????? fucking hate when videos have that talk over shit

adrian acosta - last year

play this in 2X speed

thePhished - last year

whats stopping this channel from just speeding up the clips…

MrZoupsoup - last year

Look! Professionals always correct mistakes 7:40

Jan Mardi - last year

wasting beer

Thetreetroll - last year

0:50 we need to put people like this in jail for making the rest us look bad.

PaulusSANtosoCI Widjaja - last year

Great compilation, thanks.

v0d3r - last year

1:22 that is legit real. That's a technique developed because of laws against net fishing. Commercial fishing is like that now is some regions.

Dane Brecount - last year

9:25 kid in the top left corner acts like a frikin dog

Hugh View - last year


Rob T - last year

When I was a cashier I was way faster than that clip

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