How BIG is Netflix?

How BIG is Netflix?

How BIG is Netflix?

We take an in-depth look at the biggest streaming site Netflix.

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How BIG is Netflix?

Top Trending - last year

What's your favorite TV show?

ρεηssεlιsετä - last year

This is propably my favourite channels of all. The quality of these videos is amazing! Keep up the good work!

obiiax - last year

I cant be the only one who watches the same show all the time instead of watching a new

lonelyPorterCH - last year

I never was on netflix in my entire life^^

David Hill - last year

How big is Netflix ? …Depends how big your screen is 😛

Alexander Karlsen - last year

The most annoying voice…

Dr. Ben - last year

Pretty fucking big.

Vincent Oude - last year

Wow you talk fast man, sometimes I have to re-hear for 2-3 times.

urizen666 - last year

Dont show the flag ofThe Netherlands when you point at Luxenburg dummy

Tommy Cao - last year

This video= Numbers and Netflix for clickbait

Kaia Getsios - last year

Can you do more of these?

VDX ZADEN SINGH - last year

Who else wants Top Trending to do a FACE REVEAL?! Like so they can see pls

TheGeisterchaos - last year

Some people have just WAAAY to much money

alex - last year

how big is Sony?

ElGovanni - last year

US – 10$ in UE 10€
They doesn't know that isn't same?

Yo Blud - last year

All them movies and i still cant find fuck all to watch before i sleep -_-

memeswiper YT - last year

Netflix has 13RW so they're cancer

Ollie Keskinen - last year

Last Man Standing

Jamie Brand - last year

How about another like this showing how big Facebook is?

Yousef/ MLG - last year

929,070,000$ do the math most accurate

Ben - last year


Constipated Snake - last year


berbafan67 - last year

It isn't really popular in my country

steezy G - last year

I got to 6 minutes and then asked myself why am I watching this shit

Straatstoeptegel - last year

Only reason Netflix is still growing is Netflix and chill

Kyle Wineteer - last year

This was super interesting, please do more companies!!

JR 2943 - last year

Seven letters

BVKED BAKE - last year

For real what the fuck are these comments

Shockin TV - last year

Wish I'd bought some shares back in 2002. But then, I was only 12 years old 🙂

Dominik Wolf - last year

Assume terror reputation sqyxkq step eliminate reputation thirty along.

volvo games - last year

It's as big as my dick, which is really big.

Sergio Aguilar - last year

I remember when Netflix DVDs were delivered to my house

CentX_ - last year

in 2017 netflix will now have stories

Otamabread - last year

It's as large as 7 words.

D. N. - last year

My family doesn't even pay for cable anymore

Shane Grant - 9 months ago

Netflix will get better with time mark my words

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