Luckiest Discoveries That Made People Rich

Luckiest Discoveries That Made People Rich

Luckiest Discoveries That Made People Rich

In today’s episode of Top Trending we feature the 10 luckiest discoveries that have made people rich beyond their wildest dreams. Who knows what treasure could be hidden in your very own attic or backyard.

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Luckiest Discoveries That Made People Rich

Top Trending - last year

We had an editing mistake where it showed "125,000" on screen. It was supposed to be "1,250,000". Our mistake!!!!

Beth Schaefer - 9 months ago

Does anybody know if crater of diamonds park is in Arkansas or Arizona 🤣😂😝

marc whiteside - 9 months ago

My fortune is having a sister

orcite - 9 months ago

33 mil!!!!+

RightyWW - 9 months ago

The diamond you call a marquis cut is not a marquis cut

Isaac B - 9 months ago

5:25 MISTAKE! It's suppost to be $1,250,000 not $125,000

Dom - 8 months ago

Watched this at 2x speed, did not regret.

Terese Jacobs - 8 months ago

hell naw i have a copy of the declaration of independence

Haroon Sahi - 8 months ago

Hoffman Estates in the map right next to Schaumburg is in Illinois NOT in Minnesota

Tim M - 8 months ago

Can't tell Arkansas from Arizona. Easy to tell from the pictures, that they are not in Arizona. Stupid!

Maciek Anikob - 8 months ago

Hoffman estates is in illinois dumbass. Unless you put in the wrong map. Pathetic get it right, you're a disappointment to your parents!

Louie P - 8 months ago

After watching this video I was motivated to go out to my back yard hoping to find something valuable, but as I took my first step I landed on a dog poop and that was the end of my motivation.

Assrash McBalls - 8 months ago

Sold the "nugget" for a million? Fucking seriously?

MEL LEM - 8 months ago

Crater of diamonds park is not in Arizona 🙁

Arthur Morgan - 8 months ago

8:28 It’s too bad this treasure has been mauled by countless years of plowing that field. It’s a wonder how no one saw any of it surface.

TomCjr - 8 months ago

We have a Crater of Diamonds state park here in ARkansas (I live just an hour away)- I was under the impression it was the only diamond mine in the U S – perhaps the narrator misread the state abbreviation – I have heard people make this error numerous times – Arizona is AZ lol 🙂

RHArtwork - 8 months ago

"Hoffman, Minnesota" proceeds to show a map of Hoffman Estates in Illinois…

BestProduct Reviews - 8 months ago

Crater of diamonds is in Arkansas

Mike Jackson - 8 months ago

The crater of diamonds state park is in Arkansas not in Arizona like the genius doing this video said… AR=Arkansas AZ=Arizona

Devin Draper - 8 months ago

Arkansas not arizona crater of diamonds state park

Bill Hicks - 8 months ago

The Crater of Diamonds state park is in Arkansas NOT Arizona. 209 State Park Rd, Murfreesboro, AR 71958

Josh Duggins - 8 months ago

I'm the new number one….easy quadrillion. Diamonds and real white gold. A plethora.

Josh Duggins - 8 months ago

Diamonds, White gold, gold and oil.

Evan7 - 8 months ago

I found a 5 dollar bill at Walmart

Evan7 - 8 months ago

I found a 5 dollar bill at Walmart

game man lupen - 8 months ago

i wish i had those discoveries

Stacy Rubbo - 8 months ago

Crater of diamonds state park is in Arkansas not Arizona

Ben Dover - 8 months ago

Yes look up (What The Hales) Jeremy and George they buy storage units if you look at their channel you will see over 💯+ videos of buying & unboxing many many treasure's. I would say the Randy Ray Moore (Dolomite) amazing find. Have a look so much stuff good & bad guns drugs gold silver swords George she loves them lol coins jewelry safes medals comics Star Wars new boxed. Just go and have a look & you may even see something you like to buy! P.s just mention Mick G sent you & he might even knock a little of the price lol.

Matt Brower - 8 months ago

WOW!!So Good!!Thank You!!

James Anglin - 8 months ago

Found a perfectly good circular saw in the garbage the other day

Yvonne Myers - 8 months ago

Wonder how many went to Arizona looking for Crater of Diamonds State Park only to learn IT'S IN ARKANSAS!😮
Accuracy is EVERYthing dude!😒

Jeff Dur - 8 months ago

i dont think that diamond park is in arizona.

willis banos - 8 months ago

12019 egg

Roy Romero - 8 months ago

33,000,000…la creta

Don Dressel - 8 months ago

I had diamonds once
My ex-wives took them all
P.S. aluminum pennies from 1974 are Illegal to own

Don Spicer - 8 months ago

the hand of fate gold peice looks like shape of capbreton nova scotia

Security Guy - 8 months ago

I found dog poop one time. Brand new shoes too.

Steven McVey - 8 months ago

And here I sit, broken hearted. Went to shit & only farted 🤨

mike Twiddy - 8 months ago

Most important discovery of all time. The undying love of Jesus Christ. What a joyous day and everyday since.

McWin Productions - 8 months ago

ARKANSAS, not Arizona!! The Crater of Diamonds is in Arkansas!

Hannelore And Hannah’s randomness - 8 months ago

the lotto

derrick cummings - 8 months ago


Provided bread98 - 8 months ago

It's Arkansas not Arizona

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