The Most Awkward Moments Caught on Live TV

The Most Awkward Moments Caught on Live TV

The Most Awkward Moments Caught on Live TV

These 15 Live TV fails may have been some of the most awkward and cringe moments ever caught on live tv.

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The Most Awkward Moments Caught on Live TV

Sarah Michelle Gilligan - last year

When Kanye West dies, I for one will celebrate.

EBoy The Great - last year

Waste of a click 🖕🏼 Thank Elohim I didnt get past the ad

Eat Food Music - last year

Don't fuck with Mike he's civilized…

Kaled Awnallah - last year

I was hoping you would speak less so we can hear what they're saying👎👎👎

edward toner - last year

Joe Biden needs a good knicking , he's a fucking pervert .

john byron - last year

all these dipsh*ts were mindless liberal democRATs…. Go figure…

Kimberly Quintanilla - last year

Why do guys have to try and make a pass at woman in the middle of her job? And Kanye is a selfish ass.

derek burrows - last year

Can't you shut the fuck up

Anu None - last year

A total pervert Joe Biden child molester a total creep. So repulsive and totally beneath the dignity of the office he holds. Totally normal for Democrats to do.

Ron We - last year

Nice pussy lips

DONGOE - last year

And Joe Biden might run For President (see 5:40 and forward) ?

Sam Les - last year

omg,just shut the fuck up and let me watcxh the fckkkkkkkkkkkknggggggggggg scennneeeeee,you fuck.fuck u

Mitch Bowden - last year

your play by play commentating is annoying

Joseph Cocchiola - last year

@12:32 Steve Harvey does a great job at keeping it positive. He holds himself accpuntable and keeps night positive.

Flowers & Roses 10 - last year

Sorry, I can’t subscribe to this channel. This video was too long with too many little short stories, and couldn’t hear what the people in the clips were saying because you were talking the whole time!

John Keith - last year

Joe is just another slave of the 1%. Granted, at least it's the American 1% (unlike Trump, who doesn't care whose money he takes). Never the less, Joe wants to get rid of social security, instead of taxing the wealthy and the corporations like they did before our last 5 republican presidents all gave them all PERMANENT TAX CUTS! The corporations and the 1% have had their taxes slashed from 75% (of their profits) to less than 20%… It's been going on since Reagan. Is it any wonder that the middle class is shrinking (and paying higher taxes) while our infra-structure disintegrates around us.
The center cannot hold. Keep your eye on the ball. It's all about the money y'all…

Mark Tibbetts - last year

PEDOPHILE Creepy Joe Biden….hang him in the town square

CC DeVille - last year

Just play the footage, we don't need to hear your lame voice explaining everything.

garudain77 - last year

FALSE REPRESENTATION: The underwear shot is not even in here.

Luis Topete - last year

wendy williams illuminati puppet

G.I. Geno - last year

Shut the fuck up n play the video clips!!!!!!

Some Dude - last year

NOTE: Thumbnail is not in video. Another Bad Actor. Same content is already available from honest channels.

Gad Mugyenyi - last year

This is not what I came for

big john - last year

I think Kelly Osbourne was not being racist at all it would seem to me US Citizens take advantage of Latinos because they will do the jobs that Americans refuse to do ,and for less money,,

SierrA Carbone - last year

I highly dougbt that mexican imigrant is dudes wife,,,,im guessing more like nanny

Mike Davis - last year

Kanye west is a fucking Dumbass

Roosevelt Brentwood - last year

goddamn clickbait i didnt even see the thumbnail in the video

Bobsyouruncle Wilson - last year

Someone likes their own voice… and where's the clickbait that got me here, that alone deserves a thumbs down.

Echoch San Carlos - last year

The reporter was a Jerk to tell Mike and I quote "You know your a convicted rapist" And Tyson says those charges where dropped you piece of chit. That reporter was a fool to say those words to a guy who could twist his head of in a second. Also, instead of letting us hear some of this stuff your commentary was way to much like the others have said.

david jones - last year

harvey is an idiot

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