The Most Awkward Moments Caught on Live TV

The Most Awkward Moments Caught on Live TV

The Most Awkward Moments Caught on Live TV

These 15 Live TV fails may have been some of the most awkward and cringe moments ever caught on live tv.

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The Most Awkward Moments Caught on Live TV

NPC 1z-y64n1 - 8 months ago

Joe Biden is a fucking pedophile! Most powerful people in government and Hollywood are!

Marcus Douglas - 8 months ago

Lol 50 had to be preeeety lit that afternoon

Legend Onur - 8 months ago

Show the damn clip

grapeslush - 8 months ago

Next time stop talking and just show the content holy shit your annoying

DavideM499 - 8 months ago

Cancerous clickbait thumbnail

Dom - 8 months ago

why do you have 4M subscribers and still need to make click-bait thumbnail ?

Biohybrid _ - 8 months ago

This can count as a cringe vid lol ugh…

Jay Banga7 - 8 months ago

Click bait bitch. You baited us with the video pic 🖕

Eugene Barrett - 8 months ago

I like ur voice

Sam Heres - 8 months ago

Lol channel is dead

Jason Four - 8 months ago

talk less show some new vids and one more click bait vid and am FUCKING UNSUBSCRIBING

Marco Del Andalus - 8 months ago

I prefer the other voice you use most of the time

Matthew Polk - 8 months ago

Sooooo much commentary. Cmon.

Winser21 - 8 months ago

No BaerTaffy, no likey.

Or watchey for that matter.

Follow Ross5star_ on ig - 8 months ago

Damn Jr

Lil Koita - 8 months ago

the voice no

Samara Weaving - 8 months ago

Retarded Video !!

No actual footage & audio to show the awkward moment.

Deserves more dislikes and 0 likes to be blunt.

Eleanor Walmsley - 8 months ago

Uggh stop speaking over it! Just let it be funny!

Rising Deity - 8 months ago

14:14 Definitely something I would do, but damn Top Trending. Bringing out the roasts… :/ Also how come they have so many dislikes?

Charlie Cross - 8 months ago

Kanye West is an insufferable dipshit

Megan - 8 months ago

Ew joe is a child predator

princessaz79 - 8 months ago

10:53 he's a jackass. His "music" sucks.

inkion - 8 months ago

How about you just show us the footage instead of explaining every single detail

Cake Walk 315 - 8 months ago

Shit cant always go perfect

Cake Walk 315 - 8 months ago

It was her fucking granddad man

Cake Walk 315 - 8 months ago

Its nice you cant talk to your grandchildren without getting labled a pedo fucking stupid man get your heads out of the gutter not every grown man wants to fuck little kids

Redeemed_Gamer - 8 months ago

Somebody fainting on live television isn't funny dumbass..

Creative Top 10 Mystery - 8 months ago

hm good

Track Passion - 8 months ago

What is this shitty ass video that doesn’t actually show the videos you are commenting?

Bruceann Yellowega - 8 months ago

What about Dan Harris’s melt down on TV

DJ Doomitrue - 8 months ago

That is not his wife, it looks like a nanny. What what?

Peter Lewis - 8 months ago

That wasn't a good joke ,he must serious.

Ron Wylie - 8 months ago

I would rather have see the mommentsd than have you talk through them, clickbait

Richard Mortimer - 8 months ago

Oh boy, another one of these videos. Looks to me like Trump really did die on that cross for nothing you fucking troglodytes

Horus Anubis - 8 months ago

6:00 dr gregory meterissian from montreal gen. hospital mtl canada, loves collective fantasy disgust joe biden style&the way he was just grabbing hold of her/them to?¿

cuppateadee - 8 months ago

good on tyson. he was framed no doubt about it. id say if I truelly thought he was guilty coz I hate rape but there is more to it than came out in court and im sure it was for his money.

Clyde Grady - 8 months ago

Why didn't you play the Tyson interview? What you showed… really showed nothing

Becca Swann - 7 months ago

Wow this commentary is so obnoxious. Just play the clips!

Flash Inthepan - 7 months ago

5:53 that is not just an "awkward moment." That is a life long predator and pedophile at work.

Randall Lannon - 7 months ago

Granny panties, give the lady a G String!!!!!!!

Randall Lannon - 7 months ago

The move Katy Perry made famous

Randall Lannon - 7 months ago

I'd grease her!!!!!!

Randall Lannon - 7 months ago

Creepy Joe, get him!!!!!

Randall Lannon - 7 months ago

That's Democracy!!!!

Randall Lannon - 7 months ago

She should have nutt kicked him!!!!!

BingCherry11 - 7 months ago

Iron Mike and his lawyer should have had a long talk with the TV Studio and the talk show host long before Mike's TV appearance. Mike should have told them with his attorney present this is what can be discussed and what cannot be discussed. Then have the studio and TV host sign a legal contract agreeing to Mike's requests. If they don't want to sign… then Mike will know by their refusal ahead of time that they intended to hurt him and he simply declines the interview!!!!!

BingCherry11 - 7 months ago

The scene with rooster shows that the TV Studio and the people responsible for the roosters were careless. That man should have been wearing special very strong protective gloves and top of the line protective googles like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar used to wear!!!!

BingCherry11 - 7 months ago

Lebron could have told that reporter after his first question: "There are other reporters here waiting to ask questions too. Let's give them a chance. Then call on someone else.

Jerry Tullison - 7 months ago

Hey dumb ass stop talking over the people. We want to hear them not you. That's what make the video funny. YOU SUCK AN SO DOES YOUR VIDEO.

Lukeson Gaming - 7 months ago

Delete the video

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