The Most Expensive Thing Ever Made

The Most Expensive Thing Ever Made

The Most Expensive Thing Ever Made

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A look inside the most expensive structure ever built, the International Space Station.

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The Most Expensive Thing Ever Made

Savage Squad - last year

Hi I love these videos keep up the good work

Dariel Espinal - last year


dexter p - last year

3 view’s and 7 comment’s….

YouTube Is Drunk Again!!!!

Will42HD - last year

What’s the difference between BMWs and Porcupines?

Porcupines carry their pricks on the outside.

Ellen Pesci - last year


Junpei Draws - last year

This is how much i have in my bank account:


Constant Gains - last year

Who else Loves TOP TRENDING? Btw im close to 5.9k Subs 😃❤

Bernadette Boyce - last year

…. Jesus is returning soon, the antichrist will use an "extraterrestrial "invasion to bring in NWO and abductions will be a cover up for the rapture. This is the end times deception Jesus was warning us about.

Divergent Droid - last year

160 Billion for a HOAX ! Thats how well your government likes you. Where is the footage showing it built? Nope.. Nasa lost that just like the lost thousands of Moon Landing telemetry.. because That was a Hoax too.

amr sabr - last year

Hey first pls. Like.

Chicken the Ducky - last year

No way that was so expensive

Hi Amurica - last year

Like if you’re reading this in 1994

Kermit Kermit Esteban - last year

M r l u x u r y

Joda Da - last year

first 100.O00k views like this comment from my life habibis

fFf CLAN - last year

Cool as fuck cool

Ludwig Bjurling - last year

7:23 how on earth can something drop 500% in sales? Do they pay back or how does it work

Porg liberation movement - last year

WW2 battleships that are now museums, the US has 4 that are now museums but the cost of decommissioning them compared to the cost of keeping them around "just in case"…..a US government "national defense act" signed in 1991 basically saying that all 4 battleships must be kept in prime condition, and extra parts and 16 inch gun shells were made "just in case" so they could be reactivated for wartime….while it would be really expensive they are there "just in case" the us Navy needs some really big guns again….
They were around 100 million in 1930's money, around 14-15 million in 2019 money, depending on your source….

Kristin/ Flower Of Christ - last year

This is bullcrap……They just want us so taxed that we can't get ahead…Take our money to dumb down us and our children with their occult brainwashing crap….Only stupid ppl believe in this…Can't think for themselves and not smart enough to see through it….

Barış Palabıyık - last year

At 5:08 I just legit thought he's gonna say "Yes, even cum."

FinalBox - last year


Jordan Graham - last year

Really interesting video, nice work

Telebubbies - last year

this entire video is just about space

Azzamatic - last year

His Australian accents improving

Eduardo HowCome Damiano Franco - last year

Now that was a very interesting video thanks for sharing this video too my self and all the public. GOOD FORTUNE TO EVERYONE peace from southern California ✌😎🐱💚💛💜🐝

King - last year

I love this dude (narrator)

Desmond Castillo - last year

This channel is one of the most undead channels I've ever seen some of their videos get millions of views others get hundreds of thousands and some only get up to ten thousand

NPC 1z-y64n1 - last year

ISS isn't even real…$160 Billion SCAM.

Rozes - last year

Human kind is the most expensive thing ever made

Richard Navarro - last year


Studio 7 - last year

i like your voice

G D - last year

If this is as far as we've built we are seriously behind, life is a game from it's creator we can't lose

Stephen Paxman - last year


Bhs Ltd - last year

They should build my house at least i can live in , it no use for anybody and they they have to leave in space after sometime 🤔

krz sam - last year

Imagine being in the ISS when doomsday comes

OGZx SAVAGE - last year

Trump wall ?? Haha


He saids it’s the size of 2 jumbo jets but shows a picture of an a320

Earth Vision - last year

What a load of rubbish

Dan Byrnes - last year

This is a necessary step towards space colonization. I suspect sometime in the several hundred years the ISS will be remembered as the beginning of our exploration into deep space

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