The Office Cast, Where Are They Now?

The Office Cast, Where Are They Now?

The Office Cast, Where Are They Now?

Where are the actors from one of the biggest TV shows of all time, The Office? We take a look at what your favorite characters are up to now.

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The Office Cast, Where Are They Now?

stop it, get some help - 11 months ago

Damn jhon got fat

Daniel Hearn - 11 months ago

I noticed how you didn’t even pronounce Brian’s last name…

AC Fan1 - 11 months ago

I love the office

A-gamer Official - 11 months ago

Bra b.j is also in spider man

Mr. BunnyWabbit - 11 months ago

Has this man ever actually watched the office

Big DramaShow - 11 months ago

Probably recorded this vo in one take with all those mistakes.

Daniel Cooke - 11 months ago

You didn’t even say how rainn is one of the characters in the meg

Thicc_Rick? - 11 months ago

I feel like tobby should be last in the
list and be told what he does as the credits
roll lol. Good video 👏👏🔥🔥

Christopher Foster - 11 months ago

Narrator said Steve in real life instead of Dan.. Lol

1000 subs with no videos - 11 months ago

You forgot Bob Vance!!!

MAK IE - 11 months ago

Boob bouncing look great

AL - 11 months ago

Steve In Real Life 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Matt Aleshire - 11 months ago

"…with whom she's now separated from?"

Darius Sparks - 11 months ago

Gabe lewis?

Joey Whelpdale - 11 months ago

I loved seeing Oscar, Meredith and Daryl in Brooklyn 99. It was like a crossover between two of my favorite shows even though they weren’t playing the same character.

lea_is_not_ boring - 11 months ago

I love The office.

Elijah - 11 months ago

"Steve in real life"

It'sJust. Joya - 11 months ago

did they say "STEVE IN REAL LIFE" its " DAN IN REAL LIFE" lol

It'sJust. Joya - 11 months ago

dwight is not cringy he is one of my favorite characters of the office

Isabella Turner - 11 months ago

Rain was also on Star Trek

Just Fin - 11 months ago

Angela. I will never forget her dedication, affection, passion and love for her cat by licking her cat in season 2 or 1. I'm dead just playing it over and over again 😂🤣

Lele - 11 months ago

Dwight was in the meg

Ashlynn Brusten - 11 months ago


Roblox K.K.K - 11 months ago

Has this man ever even watched the office?

Prot One Bow - 11 months ago

I loved the show but I hated it when Michael led tbecause I believe he made the show, THE show.

Sujaggirl - 11 months ago

Who found Dwight “cringeworthy”? Absurd…

Sujaggirl - 11 months ago

Did he call Stanley “dead weight”?!?!? Who the fuck is this idiot!?

D3LTA - 11 months ago

Dwight is in a Megalodon

jkroev - 11 months ago

I still miss this show

The plush dude HQ - 11 months ago

im sad the office ended it was a good show kevin was my favorite character

The plush dude HQ - 11 months ago

the show was good because they all were good together that's what made it great

Baby_Dakotaz - 11 months ago

When I saw the finale I cant lie I cried all of creeds song

Sky Antoon - 11 months ago

Stanley was sales not customer service

AgusSaezPR Baseball Channel - 11 months ago

Stanley is not a customer services

PingPanda - 11 months ago

0:58 did you just say Steve in Real Life?…

Dennis Milne - 11 months ago

0:57 Steve in real life?

Unicorn Sparkle1225 - 10 months ago

I laughed really hard when John Krasinski came on with a huge beard! Also I thought I would say this, my dad went to High School with Rainn Wilson

Channel 4 - 10 months ago

sTeVe In ReAl LiFe

Sidharth Nair - 10 months ago

Stanley Hudson was a salesman

Ella W - 10 months ago

Am I the only one who’s under 13 and watching the office? Btw it’s my favorite show aka the best show ever

Vincent Martin - 10 months ago

That’s his wife? Didn’t she play his somewhat girlfriend in season 2

ivan55 92 - 10 months ago

Backstrom not storm. Lol

Kelly Patterson - 10 months ago

Opposite against. You're an idiot!

Clover Allen - 10 months ago

“Steve in real life.”
…..that cover says Dan.

SmexKingOfTheOzone - 10 months ago

Fuck mindy. God she is cringy irl

Dayi Wang - 10 months ago

Interesting thing that Ellie was also an actress in 21 jump street, the chemistry teacher attracted by Brad lol

Lionel Barron - 10 months ago

RIP The Office

Alex Konoff - 10 months ago

Stanley is a salesman not customer service and Creed works I quality insurance not as a salesman

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