The Office Cast, Where Are They Now?

The Office Cast, Where Are They Now?

The Office Cast, Where Are They Now?

Where are the actors from one of the biggest TV shows of all time, The Office? We take a look at what your favorite characters are up to now.

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The Office Cast, Where Are They Now?

It's Weeb Time - last year

0:59 he called it Steve in Real Life

Norbit Rice - last year

Watch house of 1000 corpses. It’s weird seeing a young rainn Wilson. What happens to him is even weirder

Connor Dunham - last year

Did anyone even see oceans 8?

bzkem - last year

Stanley was a Sales rep not a customer service rep, godamn!

Scribe13 - last year

Dwight became the uni-bomber apparently

Big Bird - last year

Watch The Rocker good movie with Wilson as the main character.

Lizzie Forest - last year

B.J Novak wrote the office you would see that id you watched the office.

Lizzie Forest - last year

also Ed helms played Andy

Maia M - last year

Why were they all named after their names?

Ryan Lisa - last year

Rainn Wilson looks nothing like that on the thumbnail ever .

CyfXr - last year

They got Stanley and Creeds jobs wrong, and they spelled Brian’s name wrong.

Big GhostlyX - last year

Dan and real life

Jr Rj - last year

Im here because i just finished the series 5 mins ago. Im still crying 😭. And wondering why didnt michael went up into the office with the gang.

_ NEGAN _ - last year

Mad freakin props for John Krasinski!! I had no idea Emily blunt was his wife!!!

Young Frankenstein - last year

Pam. Yummy. Inarguable.

Lucas Cusanelli - last year

What about Gabe everybody forgets Gabe

MrJNebula - last year

1. Stanley was sales, not customer service
2. Creed was quality assurance, not sales rep

Tapuwanashe Dzatsunga - last year

Rabin Wilson can play joker

Soski - last year

and what about Pam being in "You, me and the Apocalypse", what about Deryl in "Mr Robot"??? even I can name few BIG roles you missed!

XolrecX - last year

"Steve in real life"

jaylon cortez - last year


jaylon cortez - last year

why cant jim and pam be a real thing

damagecontrolftw - last year


Elementrix YT - last year

Jim Halpert

Rat King DXIV - last year

''now, go stream the re-runs on netflix''

Zephnikk - last year

0:57 Steve in real life?

R0cky - last year

steve in real life aaaahhhhhrrrggg

Ethan Young - last year

Steve in real life ??? It’s clearly DAN in real life wtf. It has the picture in the video.

MadeByDefault - last year

Ed Helms also executive produced Central Intelligence (an awesome movie!)

Katrina M - last year

This show was depressing, dull and oddly addictive. I dono why i would watch it but i did sometimes. It just kept me hoping and hoping tht i would see a better positive human interaction. Lots of sad characters. Kind of explains why America is termed as 'prozac nation'. Ppl are too busy isolating themselves. But i loved the theme song

RootBear - last year

You mean Dan in real life? 0:58

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