The Youngest Mother of All Time

The Youngest Mother of All Time

The Youngest Mother of All Time

Here are the top 10 youngest mothers of all time. Starting off our list is Lina Marcela Medina de Jurado, who was just 5 years old when she got pregnant and gave birth.

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The Youngest Mother of All Time

Time Remap - a few months ago

This is fucked up

Justin Yeet - a few months ago

How the hell these young mother's survived

touyikie - a few months ago

horrible to think so many of the births were from rape :c

Master IT - a few months ago

How can a 5 year old possibly get pregnant

Njnetsman - a few months ago

I hope these fucking sick rapists go to hell And get raped by satan everyday!

macken vaz - a few months ago

What kind of a shitty video is this??

Son Goku - a few months ago

Was the father Mohammad?

Swaglington - a few months ago

FBI joined the chat

E.J. Manghram - a few months ago

Imagine being 25 and you’re daughter is 5 years younger than you, might as well say that’s you’re sister or something

Erick Burgos - a few months ago

What sicko would impregnate a 5 year old 👎

DazikenHD - a few months ago

I feel bad for these girls.

35823582 - a few months ago

This was brutal to watch.

DROP ZONE MEDIA - a few months ago

I couldn’t imagine trying to have an intimate relationship with a toddler lol. I can barely tolerate talking to one. Theres nothing sexy about a child, thats crazy as hell.

Benjamin Craynor - a few months ago

I'm more concerned about how a 5 year gave birth

Edson Senho - a few months ago

Wait if the grandfather raped his granddaughter then whaqt does tha make the father of the granddaughter?
And also how was the kid born healthy? Its incest

phantom2k10 - a few months ago

It's unfathomable how a fully grown man can sexually manipulate and deprive a young girl of her innocence.Its more than a mental issue smh.these sick devils deserve to die in all honesty

SweMunk - a few months ago

2:55 cover eyes but not tits

cryoengine - a few months ago

real question, if the mother aged 5 years old, the doctor help her gave birth, saw an underage kid’s V, isn’t it against the law?

K Dub - a few months ago

And ppl wonder why the world is about to end…🙄

robertas grigas - a few months ago

Alabama memes

nintentative - a few months ago

i hope every rapist in the world suffers from the most horrible, slow, gruesome deaths and then has their dick chopped off. it's only fair.

Caleb Davis - a few months ago

I'm a simple man, I see Baer as a commentator, I click the like button.

DudeWatches - a few months ago

Jesus fucking Christ

iCrazyBlaze - a few months ago

Whenever you make an "er" sound it sounds like your balls dropped to the depths of hell

Underworld Dreams - a few months ago

And feminists try and say that the US has a rape culture O-o;

The Venomoth - a few months ago

What do people have against children?

Whisper McGaughy - a few months ago

Why did I watch this?The only one I believe is the last one..

Big Steve - a few months ago

0:03 childwen?

YdaPhuck __ YouLyin? - a few months ago

She was on her period at 3 omg

Nathaniel kemp - a few months ago

Who knows these recorded events have only occurred in the last century. There might have been an even younger mother who give birth sometime in human history.

iAmAnonymousTom - a few months ago

LOL. It's Mexicans, Spanish or Muslims.

And the liberals want these sick fucks into America.

Like If You Agree - a few months ago

About two months ago I came to the conclusion that the most evil and disgusting creature on this planet are the human males. And of course I know not every men is but, not a single other creature comes as close as the human male.

Ace Dy - a few months ago

men who rape young children are animals! especially when you are related to them, thats just so low.

Maestro Jack Slappy - a few months ago

VERY Good Video! Excellent!

21stcenturymermaid - a few months ago

god this video was kinda sad. all these men going to hellllllL

Simplyhyesu - a few months ago

Poor girls :c

M X - a few months ago

I feel like I'm going to puke.

slimey bunny - a few months ago

Bruh my sister and I have a larger age gap!

Dinopower - a few months ago

Should i be scared?

Holly - a few months ago

I actually got my cycle before my sister did and I was 7. I’m glad to know there’s another reason for that. And all the freaks in this comment section🤬 I hope you never experience the feeling a parent feel when they’re child has enough courage to tell them about a assault. I hope you’re children never have to go through the experience of telling a parent you was raped. Grow the hell up.

Fatcat Punk - a few months ago

This is just scary so many little girls getting raped

Michael Jacobs - a few months ago

How do you look at a prepubescent girl and think to yourself "yeah, I'd stick my dick in that"?

I'm not for cruel and unusual punishment but if be totally fine if we stuck a lit stick of dynamite into these guy's cock-holes.

Colby McManaman - a few months ago

The 5 year old at the start was raped by her grandfather and was said in another similar video and he went to prison

Franskie Salif - a few months ago

This is really disturbing, btw i thought a girl have to be 12 to get pregnant, go figure.

- - - a few months ago


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