Top 10 Highest Paid Players in the NFL

Top 10 Highest Paid Players in the NFL

Top 10 Highest Paid Players in the NFL

Here are the top 10 richest and highest salary earning players in the NFL of the year 2018.

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Top 10 Highest Paid Players in the NFL

Cephus 101 - 11 months ago

Odell is the highest paid

Team Warriors Harsh - 11 months ago

You dumb

0n35h0t R1p5h0t - 11 months ago

Drew brees has won one super bowl and the chargers didn't draft a qb before brees

Back Pack - 11 months ago

Good videos

Clorox Bleach - 11 months ago

Stupid ass, this man said that he would earn 94 million dollars when 23×5 is 115

Unknown Person - 11 months ago

Damny y'all just be handing out Super Bowls.

Andrew Smith - 11 months ago

Go iu

armhair 1 - 11 months ago

Could u tell me when overrated Rodgers won his 2nd super bowl??

Braeden Wessinger - 11 months ago

Brees has 1 Super Bowl😂

Mr. CheeZpuff - 11 months ago

Tom Brady much? MVP’s Super Bowls played scince 2000 and it’s Garoppolo at #1?!?

Andy Hegarty - 11 months ago

Drew only has 1 but he should have more

Luis Moreno - 11 months ago

Bro you need to get your facts straight

Karson Green - 11 months ago

This was on my baseball topic😂😂😂

Talon Siuta - 11 months ago

When did Brees get his second Super Bowl ring

Renaissance Man - 11 months ago

Aaron Rodgers is a prick… Highly overrated… He's stuck on himself..

Mike Hester - 11 months ago

Bees got one ring and u 4got the highest payed qb in Carolina history dumbass

H00dRich2825 - 11 months ago

Drew won one super bowl, aaron rodgers won one super bowl, was jimmy g drafted in the second round? I honestly dont remember. Rg3 had a great rookie season. Struggled his sophomore year

boa constrictor - 11 months ago

Aaron Rodgers only won 1 Super Bowl

Ryan Carmon - 11 months ago


Biggest bloody legends - 11 months ago

Next time let a sports channel take care of this…K?

Derick Taylor - 11 months ago

Peyton Manning never broke his collarbone

Miami Eyes ME - 11 months ago

your data sucks and full of inaccuracies

siucbset - 11 months ago

Facts: How can this none fact base, burp out anything channel have 4.2 million subscribers?

TLLZONLINE - 11 months ago

Rodgers doesn't have 2 rings…WtF did I miss something… I'm Greenbay all day but dammit man, get your facts straight!

Hugh Jaynis - 11 months ago

Aaron Rodgers has won 1 superbowl not 2, Drew Brees has won 1 superbowl, not 2. Stop lying about shit fuck face

Mihai Boata - 11 months ago

so Brady is not in top10 , and Rodgers is the best player ever , u better find urself something else to do or at least keep ur mouth shut

Thao Chou - 11 months ago

Jimmy G highes pay but got a Torn ACL

Miguel 187 - 10 months ago

I'm. A packers fan…Rodgers did not win 2 Superbowl bro…and that's we're you fuck!up!

Little Ray - 10 months ago

What happened to Tom brady

Mr Ryan - 9 months ago

Manning never had a broken collarbone! It was nerve surgery in his neck/upper spine. Do a little research next time.

Mr Ryan - 9 months ago

Omg Griffin was amazing his rookie year and didn't fall off till his 2nd season…wow so many inaccuracies

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