Top 10 RICHEST Football Players 2018

Top 10 RICHEST Football Players 2018

Top 10 RICHEST Football Players 2018

Here are the top 10 highest paid football players in the world!

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Top 10 RICHEST Football Players

Kyle Spurgeon - last year

The pronunciation is so terrible that it’s cringe

Rithwaniqbal Rithwaniqbal - last year

1top is wrong

Rithwaniqbal Rithwaniqbal - last year

Answer is Faiq Bolkiah billion plus

Oscar Granados - last year

Nigga wtf is this everything is wrong lmaooo

GideonFreezer - last year

Theay are richer Footballers he just named the famoust footballers

jamesssssss - last year

People who downvoted this video are real footballers who spotted the mistakes

Liam_ Cyclist - last year

Americans and pronounciations😂

DazikenHD - last year

Is this reupload

michael conway - last year

I know your American but your pronunciation is awful

TerbR - last year

DEAR LORD THIS IS THE WORST VIDEO IVE EVER SEEN. CANT PRONOUNCE ANYTHING……………… never watching this awful trash channel again

Teemu Riekki - last year

Nothing mentioned about Ronaldos donations.. pitiful. He donates more than Messi, lmao. Ronaldo is also the wealthiest by net wealth, Messi only gets more by salary.. so so many mistakes and missing info in here 🙁

The CRSIN - last year

Carlos Tevez

roool91 - last year

mispronunciation of premier league, Henry etc. is painful enough. BUT even worse: Neymar is considered what now?

xStormz - last year


Ats Art Ilves - last year

When americans make educational football videos… cringe

Leeds Fan - last year

I think it’s so funny to watch someone who clearly knows nothing about football try to pronounce footballer names ands terms

chaz - last year


Andrew Kutis - last year

(After seeing the intro) Ohhh… It's that kind of football. Sorry. Not interested.

Josef Rosendo - last year

This guy is lying to much. The information is so wrong.

Jonathan Castanheira - last year

Big fan but 2nd try at the video and still mistakes. If u dont know enough about a topic yet decide to make a video about it, and still has mistakes after the 2nd try, just dont make the video.

Zensual - last year

North American "Soccer" xDDD

Mardochee Nsam Nsam - last year

So many mispronounced words and names y'all Americans should just focus on your baseball and super bowl rugby thing there don't cross sports please

Emmanuel - last year

Luis Suárez aka "jaws"

Girls of Instagram - last year

Very good video! Keep making excellent content and you are going to get bigger quick! Subscribe to our channel and we could subscribe to you!

Kaylin Olivier - last year

I love how you cant pronounce the names correctly

Keaikitse Modise - last year

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is number 3

Syed Zsidi - last year

RONALDO is highest paid footballer in the world.

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