Top 15 RICHEST Rappers of 2018

Top 15 RICHEST Rappers of 2018

Top 15 RICHEST Rappers of 2018

Here are the top 15 highest paid rappers of 2018.

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Top 15 RICHEST Rappers of 2018

Drake happier - 9 months ago

DRAKE moooom 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Jackey Godinez - 9 months ago

Drake should be number one

jason alpha - 9 months ago

This year everyone took a little break I guess cuz drake by himself made 94 million last year and wasn't even number last year either

TheLakersdatruth - 9 months ago

Man J.Cole is better then Kendrick

Julius Cesar - 9 months ago

After Dr. Dre , the video ended for me

Saurabh Shinde - 9 months ago


Sam Macharia - 9 months ago

Kendrick should be on top

Jorge Garcia - 8 months ago

Pure Corruption ………..The rap music only talk about sex,drugs smuggling,kidnappings,money laundering,murders,robbery ,gansters,gangs itself in the underworld your think that all that money was made at the beggining with the rap music industry…………….LOL

Uchenna Joseph - 8 months ago

They are rapping shit, pac for life

atube4view - 8 months ago


I got 5 emails and I subscribed to u everytime Ware - 8 months ago

I came for nicki but she’s not here 😕

Prince Lee Pzee - 8 months ago

What the f…. Wayne didn't did even pop up??!that's crazy

solarstormgames - 8 months ago

Fact check. Dre is worth over a bill.

Snootie Wild - 8 months ago

Ok where is 2Chainz🙄

Mariques Mason - 8 months ago

Travis scott was actually signed to T.I 1st

Isaiah Cardenas - 8 months ago


Latest Toxic - 8 months ago

Lil waynes tha Carter V destroyed competition

Ruchir Pawar - 8 months ago

Where tf is 6ix9ine

Ronald Edwards - 8 months ago

This is how much they've earned not their net worth…

eachoneteachone davis - 8 months ago

Fuckem all uea im harin cause i didnt make a third of wat they made 😢

James Perry - 8 months ago

Drake tour made 95 MILLION
Drake got 80 million from apple, for scorpion. And all that is Only from June-now
Y'all tripping

Susan ThomasB- - 8 months ago

How comes Lil Wayne is not on the list 🤔🤨😑

Clifton Young - 8 months ago

Drake album did not go platinum the same day came out stop them f**** lies

Ronis Tayo - 8 months ago

What about lil Wayne ??

Yushan Yusuph - 8 months ago

How about Wiz Khalifa

Alan Bragais - 8 months ago

Wheres post malone?

Mheezy Bhee - 8 months ago

No Lil Wayne??
please go n re-research

Baby Pach - 8 months ago

yess Eminem💜💜

Julia Wilcox Smith - 8 months ago

What about NBA youngboy

RedChannel - 7 months ago

hip hop love songs?

Beauty Mamaehis - 7 months ago

Jay is the greatest rapper an the richest bcoz is a good business man


Cardi B was trending this year, Nicky, i understand its only for 2018 not a networth but they were trending or you dont iclude females?

John O'Brien - 7 months ago

Weres the queen at aka nicki minaj

Rui Pedro - 7 months ago

So, endorsing conservative views is bad? And he said choice is a choice as mentally. Don't lie and stop only watching CNN buddy

KPA - 7 months ago

What about xxxtentacion

Tinashe Kawanzaruwa - 7 months ago

Hon Denzel Kawanzaruwa

Royauntavious Tate - 7 months ago


toto2fly - 7 months ago

Kendrick Lamar is Considered as "Greatest Rapper" !!!!!! only in Current Pokemon Generation mind…

toto2fly - 7 months ago

D. Dre is Richest of all due to His Beat deal alone… excluding other Millions he has in Bank accounts

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