Top 15 RICHEST Rappers of 2018

Top 15 RICHEST Rappers of 2018

Top 15 RICHEST Rappers of 2018

Here are the top 15 highest paid rappers of 2018.

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Top 15 RICHEST Rappers of 2018

Ash Kay - last year

post malone?

Back2sleep Ni - last year

not correct

Michael - last year

I don't think people consider Kendrick as the greatest rapper EVER, maybe now but definitely not EVER.

Chthonian121 - last year

Takeoff is in Migos just for the sake of being in Migos. Migos is 95% Quavo and Offset.

Kansas City Blessed Kid - last year

I ask myself if I was in position what gone do being one of riches in rap game that alot of money 💰but if got brand under you you make that money

I AM NOVA - last year


Sphamandla Thusini - last year

Y'all should respek Drake rich af😀😀😀

Daniel Mujuni - last year

jay z

Kevin Cruz - last year

Where is bad bunny ???

jarnisdk1 - last year

first i dont get why u make this while 2018 still hasnt ended.
the numbers of cash makes me wonder if they are correct, as they all are so close to eachother it seems weird.
but why is dj khaled, pibull and drake on this list they arent really rappers/hiphop.. its litterally pop.

G LaV87 - last year

Drake beat the streams cause he had 25 tracks on 1 album. Kanye’s was only 7. Other artist only do like 10-14 tracks. Drake found a loop hole Lol

Panayiotis Toumazou - last year

Funny that rappers are only

Eminem, Nas, Dr dre

rfyaaful - last year

since when did drake become a rapper ?

Check This - last year

Please Help me Flex on my Ex by following my [email protected] Fuck_yo_ex

anime god - last year

Chance the rapper is looks a like with ice cube

King of Games - last year


El Cock - last year

Masters of their craft !? BWAHAHA

mansaw100 - last year

Damn birdman was payin everybody back lmao

Eddie b - last year


Anngel Joy - last year

What the fuck how you not going to put Nicki Minaj on this

Tiki Miller - last year

Fuck all you sellouts. Killing your moms and family members HA! Pussy shit.

anda sizani - last year

Drake is not a rapper. Drake is a spanish singer

domino productions - last year

Wheres lil wayne 👀

PGH knockout - last year

Another L for russ

Liam Moore - last year

You should only be aloud to earn 1 million a month max for life the rest has to go too charity

wedcity beats - last year

Hip hop was not found on that it was found on politic

Big D - last year

How the fuck has Pitbull made more money than Migos, Future, Travis Scott, Eminem, Chance the Rapper, Kanye West, DJ Khaled, or even fucking MGK this year. I haven't heard his name in 5 years

Kareem Lawson - last year

Itsss hovaaaa

Jose Canales - last year

Like if drake saved Travis Scott career

toxic Agar. - last year

too poor to be watching this

Kenneth Gitonga - last year

where is tekashi 69?

VIWE MBANDE - last year

Lil Wayne? Stunna man?

delphin runiga - last year

A bunch of lies in this dump video

Doug Gavin - last year

Drake is a shitty rapper Half the words don’t even Rhyme his beats suck but he is rich this world is fucked

Julian Skillz - last year

Dont think future and pitbull earned so much🤨

Julian Skillz - last year

Can people stop saying drake coming from a middle class home

Joe Green - last year

How can you have a list about richest rappers, and not have Bryan Williams on the list. He has to be top 5 and that is a conservative estimate.

William Reed - last year

damn Jay let me get a job ill work 1 year free just 2 learn

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