Who is Sébastien Charron? The Great internet inspiration to all! | Rare Norm

Who is Sébastien Charron? The Great internet inspiration to all!

Who is Sébastien Charron? The Great internet inspiration to all!

Sébastien Charron has been training parkour, free running, and tricking for more than 10 years now. 5 years ago, he was diagnosed with schizophrenia and he had to stop training for a while. Not only because he stopped training, but also because of the medications,  Sébastien gained a lot of weight. It didn’t stop him from coming back to his passion, when he started to feel better, and from continue progressing like he was doing before.

About Parkour and Free running:

When you really want something nothing can stop you! Although parkour is dangerous it is also very entertaining. Various people all around partake in different parkour actives like the show “ninja warrior”. That show demonstrates different variants and strategies when it comes down to parkour which makes it all so fun. There’s not much when it comes down to parkour vs free running because they both follow the same suite.

It’s almost like asking whats the difference between pepsi and coco cola. Not much of a difference but just different names and flavors.

If you are interested in learning more parkour and following the training that Sebastien even had to go through, please check out locations around your town. A lot of people follow the free running culture and you can also see some great free running youtube tutorials.

Not to up for it? But love watching it? that also works as well and you can even Follow  Sébastien Charron on Instagram for more awesome videos:

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