Update on “New Girl,” Winston Bishop, Morphs After Heartbreak

Update “New Girl,” Winston Bishop, Morphs After Heartbreak

“New Girl”’s Winston Bishop has experienced a lot of heartbreak, since the series first premiered on Fox, five years ago. Repeatedly rejected by women, Winston has gone through a radical personality transition. Warning, spoiler alert.

New Girl is an award-winning comedy drama series about three guys and two women, all in their late twenties to early thirties. They live together in a run-down loft in Burbank, California. In the second episode, Winston Bishop moves back into the loft, where he lived before moving to Latvia to play professional basketball.

Winston’s roommates are Nick Miller, Schmidt, (the writers for the show have not revealed his first name), Jess Day, and CeCe Parekh, who is not a roommate but is Jess’s best friend and spends a lot of time at the loft. Over the course of his time spent with these people, Winston experiences heartbreak, and realizations about himself that radically change his personality. Winston came into the show as a “cool-guy”, and transformed into a lovable odd-bird.

In season one, Winston is smooth and very normal.Christmas eve,Nick was going to fly back home to visit his family, but had missed his flight. Nick’s mother called him furiously while Nick’s roommates are driving him to the airport. Nick handed the phone to Winston.
“Hey, what up, Mrs. Miller? You know, I wrote a poem about you. You want to hear it?” Winston croons.

Later in the season, Winston does an impression of a sophisticated man dancing, for Jess. Nick and Schmidt tell Winston he needs to get laid

Quirky with jess

Winston calls Shelby,  a woman he dated before he moved to Latvia. Winston meets her for drinks at the place where she works. Harboring resentment from the past, Shelby laughs in his face when he suggests, “Your place or mine?”

Discouraged, Winston seeks advice from Nick who agrees when Winston admits he has no idea how to date women.
“Yeah, you don’t have any game. It’s always been because you play basketball. Are you seriously just realizing that you don’t have game?” Nick told Winston.

Winston successfully woos Shelby, and they are crazy about each-other… until she stops having sex with him, and they break up.

Winston keeps trying to find love. He tries to surprise a woman he is seeing, and finds her in shower with another guy. Winston takes her cat, named Ferguson, whom he had been watching for her. The girl cheated on Winston but he kept her cat, so they are separate but equal.

Jess is experiencing PMS symptoms, which she calls the “menzies.” She is complaining and lashing out at her roommates. Winston thinks he is also experiencing the “menzies. He researches sympathy symptoms and curls up on his side, eating ice cream on the couch with Jess. He is also complaining loudly and making his guy-roommates uncomfortable.

“This is a real thing, okay? I looked it up on the internet. It’s called, uh, “sympathy PMS,” right? Now apparently this is an affliction that men suffer from all the time,” Winston told his roommates.

At the end of the episode Winston cries and admits to his roommates that he really, just misses Shelby.

miss shelby

Trying to “get back out there”, Winston begins dating an older, husky, red-head who shares his growing passion for cats. The couple invites the rest of the roommates for dinner at her place. She serves them soup in a small creepy kitchen.

Then Winston learns the truth about his first time having sex. Nick tells Winston that the woman was a prostitute, paid for by Nick’s dad. Winston is crushed, at this blow to his sexual confidence. First he learned that he has no game with women, then a woman he loved stopped having sex with him, he was cheated on, and now he realized his first time with a woman was a sham.

Winston quits dating and focuses on his cat. He graduates from the police academy, then falls in love with his partner Aly Nelson, played by Saturday Night Live Alum Nasim Pedrad. By the time Winston realized he had feelings for Aly, she had already started dating another guy.


Winston wins Ally’s heart when he remembers her five-year-anniversary of being a cop. Finally, Winston seems to have it all together. He has a fulfilling job working with a woman he loves.

Next season, will Winston regain his cool-guy attitude we saw in season one? Maybe the heartbreak helped Winston find his true self: a man who is in touch with his emotions, who loves his cat, and is quirky, and comically creepy.

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