Yellowcard Release Emotional Single “The Hurt Is Gone”

Yellowcard Release Emotional Single “The Hurt Is Gone”

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Veteran pop punk band Yellowcard announced in February 2016 that they’ve re-signed with independent record label Hopeless Records and have started work on their next and final album Yellowcard. They also announced their final world tour, which kicks off in San Antonio, Texas on September 30th. On June 24th, they released the first single from Yellowcard, titled “Rest In Peace”, and on August 17th, they released “The Hurt Is Gone”, the second single. Many pop punk and alternative fans feel bummed about Yellowcard’s decision to depart from the music world. Luckily, “The Hurt Is Gone” confirms that Yellowcard has put forth full effort in the creation of their final musical release.

“The Hurt Is Gone” opens with a somber and shimmery prelude before the guitar and bass take the reins. The guitar sounds crisp yet solemn, and the bass resonates deeply and clearly beneath it; the production on this track already sounds great.

The percussion slowly fills out more as the track continues, and you can still hear hints of the prelude underneath it all. Frontman Ryan Key soon enters with his emotional and sincere vocals; the bass fades away a little bit, but the guitar still sounds really clear.

Key’s vocals are doubled for some harmonious moments in the second half of the verse, but he truly shines in the chorus when he goes up a register. The chorus is a little short, and it may underwhelm some listeners, as the instrumentation is not much different from that in the verses. However, the guitar successfully drives the restrained yet simple energy of the tune.

The second verse features more creative vocal work from Key in the form of layered harmonies and distinctive vocal tones. The second chorus is not much different from the first, save for some more vocal variations.

The bridge is where “The Hurt Is Gone” really starts to shine. You can finally hear the signature violin, the unique instrument in Yellowcard that distinguishes the band from the rest of the pop punk groups out there. There are almost no vocals either, which allows the instrumentation to move front and center. And it all sounds really great. You can hear every instrument clearly (no muddy production here!), and it even seems like Yellowcard have pulled sound bites from a full orchestra to support violinist Sean Mackin. The bridge brims with emotional intensity and authenticity, a sound that really puts Yellowcard on another musical level.

“The Hurt Is Gone” closes with a safe return to the chorus, except you can hear the violin much more clearly this time around. Key finishes with a wistful and melancholy “The hurt is gone…” as his vocals echo in the background. Reverb from the guitar is the last sound you hear before the end of the tune.

Yellowcard really seem like they want to push for true emotional passion on their final album, more powerful than any other emotion they’ve pushed before. After I heard “Rest In Peace” and now “The Hurt Is Gone”, I think that’s a great decision for them to make. Watch the official music video for “The Hurt Is Gone” on YouTube below. If the tune stirs you, be sure to grab tickets for Yellowcard’s final world tour and keep an eye out for more music from their final album.

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~ Nastassia

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