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Make Music That People Love: Tal Halperin

last month

Music has always had a way of bringing like-minded people together. Throughout the many things that divide people, music is able to bring down those divisions. The Rare Norm team recently came across a young music producer named Tal Halperin, originally from St. Louis, Missouri now living in L.A. Tal is a promising talent with […]

Useful Advice For 2017 From Strangers.

a couple of months ago

The Rare Norm team recently asked a few people off the street if they had any advice to share for the new year. Here is what some of them had to say. Enjoy. ” My advice for 2017 is to keep doing you and don’t listen to anybody that brings you down.”   – Andrew […]

Elijah Alvarado-Art Is A Community

a couple of months ago

The Rare Norm team recently had the pleasure to interview a talented film director from a small town from the midwest named Elijah Alvarado. Born in Ohio, raised in Iowa, and now living in Chicago for the last decade, Elijah has produced and collaborated with seven-time grammy nominated artist Chance the Rapper, directing one of Chance most […]

Connection To The Art- Cecilia Okoye

a few months ago

As people, we have our own interpretation of how we view life, music, art, or love. Once in a while there will be an individual that will go above and beyond of expressing themselves. About a few weeks ago, the Rarenorm team discovered a young talented artist named Cecilia Okoye. One of Cecilia’s most notable work was a painting of […]

“Art isn’t Perfect” Javier Christiansen

7 months ago

Art is a form communicating in which it allows humans to feel emotion and ponder about the past and give a sense of hope for the future.  Here at Rarenorm we had the pleasure to discover a young talented artist living in Germany named Javier Christiansen, Javier specializes in drawing well detailed portraits of music artist, […]

Zibra is one of the most innovative European bands on the Web !

10 months ago

1. What are the goals for your Music and where would you like to see yourself at the end of the year? Well we have a shed load of material we’re trying to get out into the world! Starting with our new single “Girls like you” which is a double A side with Goodbye Mondays. […]

President Obama meets with Macklemore to deliver a powerful message

10 months ago

The weekly address of the president Obama has once again captured the attention of the public, as he teamed up withMacklemore to send out the moving distress call, discussing the severity of the addiction disease, and the opioid overdose issues. Pointing out that the addiction problem is not firmly related to a particular lifestyle or a […]

Brian Pollett A Master Of Digital Art

10 months ago

1. What are the goals for your art work? and where would you like to see yourself at the end of the year? For the past 3 years I’ve had my graphic design work for money and my fine art for “fun”. I never made consistent money from my fine art until this year, thanks to the […]

Raf Simons ‘The Telegraph’ Gives Fans a New Insight

11 months ago

Renowned Belgian designer Raf Simons sat down using a telegraph to discuss some subjects, including his latest effort with Danish material manufacturer Kvadrat. He talks about the increasing pace of the high-fashion program and his sudden exit from French luxury home Dior. Everyone is paying attention to the wrong thing in my opinion. There’s this […]

Showing My Passion: Henry Hwu

11 months ago

We recently were able to set up an interview with photographer Henry Hwu that has been gaining a rapid set of followers on his Instagram account by sharing pictures of the world from his perspective. Check out what the talented young photographer had to say. You’ve been kidnapped. You can call on a character from one […]

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