Russian Superhero Movie Guardians is set to release in 2017 And You Must See The Trailer !

Russian superhero movie Guardians is set to release in 2017 and its most recent video is pretty awesome ! This action movie can be seen as a somewhat like Marvel Universe, but to us we feel as though it has its own style ! Check it out below :aYedZBv_700b


Guardians, or Zaschitniki, is the closest a Russian film has come to capturing the scope and production quality of the Marvel Universe. In Guardians, a band of men and women from different corners of the Soviet Union volunteer for (or are forced into) a DNA-augmenting program that gives them special powers. Their secretive existence, so far as I can tell from the footage, is upended when they’re tasked with fighting a supernatural force in modern day.

There is no release date for the movie in america . But hopefully that information will released soon. This is one of many exciting Russian films coming out in 2017.

Zaschitniki Russian superhero movie Guardians