Premiere: Daye Jack has dropped a new single via Complex magazine called ‘Rule The World.’

For those who don’t know, Daye Jack has been on the come up for quite some time. In January of 2014, he released his first mixtape Hello World during his first semester at NYU, where is currently studying computer programming. Fair to say, he’s a hardworking young fella. He has also collaborated with YouTube start turned superstar Tori Kelly

Shortly after, he was signed to Warner Bros, through which he released his debut album, Soul Glitch.  According to an interview with Complex, Daye Jack states that “Rule The World is about falling in love with someone and having that person be your partner. It’s about finding that girl that makes you want to be better… like look better, act better, and just grow in general.” That’s the dream of every young adult man, a girl to take over the world with! Enjoy!

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Daye Jack’s New Single ‘Rule The World’