Justin Beiber Remixes Drake’s #1 Single “One Dance”

Drake Solo single “One Dance” has been remixed by none other than the Biebs himself. While many celebrities have gather in Monaco for the 2016 Grand Prix, Justin Bieber’s remix of the Drake currently #1 Billboard single was captured at party in Monaco. The event took place at the Monte Carlo Club in Monaco.

Watch the footage below:

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It wouldn’t be the first the Biebs has remixed one of Drake’s songs. Just a while he remixed Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ and in 2012, the two artist collabed on “Right Here”, on Bieber’s World 2.0 album.

OVO also took to Twitter to announce the News. There are rumors of a potential music video for the remix.

We’ll be looking forward to it!

Justin Beiber Remixes Drake’s #1 Single “One Dance”