It can’t be too bad being Becky with the good hair. Sure, it can be difficult at times to be bothered by the Beyhive every time a wrong move is made, but that isn’t the end of the world. Because of this, I don’t think Beyonce is targeting a person when she calls out Becky with the good hair. I think that is why the tension cooled off around the controversy. Jay-Z and Beyonce are making millions off of the album and they are still very much married.

On April 23, Beyonce released Lemonade; the record that had the Beyhive in a frenzy. This album was accompanied by a visual album where you can find Beyonce smashing car windows with baseball bats, Serena Williams twerking while Beyonce sits on the throne, and Beyonce yelling in a parking garage. Beyonce had predominantly black women in her videos and had a speech from Malcolm X on how black women are the most disrespected person in America sampled in the record. When Iggy Azalea made the tweet that the term Becky is a racial slur, this further confirmed that maybe Becky with the good hair isn’t a person. She easily could be a person, but I think Becky is more of a concept.

Every track gave insight on what it means to be a black woman. This album isn’t an album everyone can relate to. Not even Becky could possibly know how it feels to be the black woman in America’s society. Because black women are constantly reminded of their differentness. It is fair to say Becky with the good hair without a doubt has it a lot easier than she realizes. Beyonce continues to inspire by making this record for women of color to continue to slay all day.

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How It Must Feel To Be Becky With The Good Hair

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