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Ninth Parallel Releases “Infinitum”

Ninth Parallel Releases “Infinitum”

Passionate, motivated, and authentic, Ninth Parallel, simply known as Rishi by his closest peers, is back from a soul-searching hiatus with an inspired original in “Infinitum,” out now for streaming and purchase via Spotify & iTunes.
magnumpr_1340375110574340876780539094680371019883010o--1When translated from Latin, ‘Infinitum’ means “forever, boundless, infinity,” a definition that appeals to NP’s desire to truly produce music that speaks louder than his words ever could. Where he was in his career as an artist when he began the “Infinitum” journey is far and way from who he has developed into through serious introspection and personal development. As the song is now in its finished form, it represents his struggle to find his identity, and documents his courageous battle with a daunting depression that almost consumed him whole.
“I wrote Infinitum over a dark and confusing period of my life while I was going through a severe depression. At first this experience changed me for the worse, but then it triggered exponential personal growth. The whole experience fundamentally changed me, and through the process I learned more about myself and why music is so important to me.” – Ninth Parallel
After working hand in hand with mentor and friend Mat Zo to build a forum for budding producers to share their tunes and receiving support in his early career from one of his biggest artistic influences in Madeon, Rishi hit the studio with a determined vigor, inspired to make his music an extension of his voice; It was then that the concept for “Infinitum” was born. As can be heard throughout “Infinitum” and his previous works like his official remix of Porter Robinson’s “Sea of Voices” the Atlanta-based producer is notorious for throwing his entire heart and soul into his work, often taking months to release new songs unless they fully meet his artistic expectations and vision. Now, armed with newfound clarity and determination, Ninth Parallel is looking to infinity and beyond. Experience “Infinitum” and stay tuned for further developments on his sonic journey. 
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