PEGA5U5 Unveil Glitch Hop Lead Single “True Love”

8 months ago

PEGA5U5 Unveil Glitch Hop Lead Single “True Love”

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West Coast-based brother duo PEGA5U5 unveils their newest single True Love which is out today on Ooze System Recordings and will be the lead single off their upcoming sophomore EP Hippocrene. “True Love” marks the beginning of a new era for the two brothers, an era that brings Mr.Rogers’ and Pharroh’s talent and creativity together again to further push their production boundaries. This single is driven by Mr.Rogers’ intricate glitch-hop inspired production and places it alongside Pharroh’s complex and amiable lyrics, a result that embodies everything they love in order to deliver a satisfying result.

“Hippocrene, the title of our new release, is the name of the spring that burst forth on Mount Helicon when PEGA5U5 struck it with his hoof. The Hippocrene is considered to be a source of poetic inspiration, where the Muses already had a dancing-ground where they would pound their feet, in order to awaken desire.” – PEGA5U5

With their respective careers, the two brothers, Mr. Rogers and Pharroh had already established a dedicated fanbase. Mr. Rogers over the past few years became a staple in California’s electronic music scene, playing festivals (such as headlining slots at Lucidity, Stilldream, and Raindance) all around the area. On the other side of the spectrum is Pharroh, who has made his roundabouts in the underground hip-hop circuit. He’s shared the stage with GZA and has gone on to score the soundtrack for the Afro Samurai video game and collaborate with Talib Kweli. Eager to connect with a larger audience, they came together and fused their fanbases to deliver PEGA5U5. Their freshman LP The Flock, which featured collaborations with The Fungineers, Joanna, Cellojoe, and more, established a unique sound that left listeners craving new releases. With their hiatus coming to an end, make sure to follow them on their social media links below to keep up with the duo.

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