Rare Norm Song Of The Day: Tory Lanez – Diego

Rare Norm Song of The Day: Tory Lanez- Diego

The Rare Norm Norm song of the Day is Toronto artist Tory Lanez hit song “Diego”.

For those who do not know, Tory Lanez (Originally named: Daystar Peterson) is a Canadian rapper, singer, song-writer, produce, fashion designer,  and director. His first single, “Say It”, made it up to #30 on the billboard.

Song of The Day

Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez is part of the new generation of artists creating a new sound. The Washington Post has described it as a combination of  “808s and extraterrestrial synthesizers with his feathery vocals and staccato flow”. It is a sound that resonates well the Millenial generation.  a mixture of R&B and rap, with smashing head banging beats.” Tory Lanez has appropriately name this sound ‘Swavey’.

Tory Lanez is also the founder of One Umbrella, a video production company he started along with his brothers. Reportedly based on a true story, Lanez released an eye-catching and epic movie-like music video for “Diego”.

Check it out!