Peace Power Positivity,

My Name is Rhetlaw infamously known as RHTLW. I Am a Producer/DJ from Atlantic City , NJ but currently living in Brooklyn, NY. I combined both elements to create audio journeys. I’ve always thought songs and mixes that continuously evolve take the listener through different levels of consciousness. Over the past few years I have faced setbacks, triumphs, love and other disasters forcing me to move and grow. As I grew so did my music.

You Are Now In The Rare Norm

Lets make this official and join us for unique entertainment, culture and technology that is changing the world. 




Captivated by elements of Future Bounce Afro Beat , Trap, Soul and I was inspired to raise the energy of my work while still being able to hold the energy of each sample.’ After producing a few instrumental albums I wanted to take my music a to new place challenging myself to perform/create my music live in front of people.


After months of study, practice, and exploration I feel I have made the first step on the path to success. I present to You Audio Journey 1: The Stash. A performance of my instrumentals using techniques such a Remixing, beat juggling, live sampling, finger drumming and fader drumming. A unique perspective on live beat creation intended to entertain as well as a captivate. Sync into the FREQuency here:

Rhetlaw From Atlantic City , NJ Drops A Must Hear Beat Tape!