Rare Norm has had the pleasure of finding another great voice through social media. This time, it is a beautiful woman by the name of Madison Ward. She is an instant fan favorite, with her laid back style and sweet tone, she gives a feel of pure joy to the listener.

Madison is also stunning in every way and kudos to her parents for making such a lovely human being, on the inside and out! She has the whole package.

Madison is definitely a hidden gem, just waiting to be found and we think her time is coming soon. She has improved each year vocally and she is only going to get better. With a voice like her’s it is absolutely impossible to go unnoticed. We wish her the best of luck on her journey to fame and we hope to watch more Ward Wednesdays every Wednesday.

Instagram: @madisonward22 Twitter: @madisonward22

P.S If you see this we would love to do a Q&A with you!!

Madison From 1 year ago:

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Ward Wednesday : Introducing Madison Ward