Switch It Up Challenge is a serious couple-themed gender-bender!

Recently social media was taken ablaze with its latest challenge, the #SwitchItUpChallenge.15590252_10208171871390561_6099101361020522181_n


The couples-themed game is somewhat of a gender-bender, and requires partners to swap outfits, and take a side-by-side pic of the before and after.

Comments on this challenge bellow!

Nathan Allen Pirtle

@workwthecoach – “If any of my friends or family do this you will forever be deleted and blocked 😂😂 done w the internet”

Avon Bronxdale @WavyCorleone – “Nah please tell me this ain’t a real thing. Tell me I fell asleep & just woke up in the twilight zone.”

T’Challa @Sable_Soul – “Any male that participates in the has kicked down the closet door.”

Carma @Carma_queen – “For the millionth time ignorant people, wearing a woman’s outfit for a photo does not make you gay. .”

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