The Emergence of Vincero Collective

We recently had the pleasure to do a Q&A with the founders of Vincero Collective watches Tim, Sean, and Aaron. These three gentlemen have begun to transform the watch industry by delivering luxurious, affordable, and classic looking watches. In just a two years Vincero has begun to establish themselves as a company that truly cares about the customers, by reminding them that a watch should tell the world what the individual is all about.


How did the idea to start Vincero begin? And were there any challenges you were facing to get the company going?

 Our journey began as a production studio, designing and manufacturing menswear products for traditional brick and mortar stores. We had tons of experience on the manufacturing side of menswear and were able to see the flaws in the current system. We wanted to create something that favored quality over cost, and bold, independent design over the cookie cutter designs we saw from most online watch retailers.

We faced several of the same challenges that most product based businesses face – notably lack of capital to purchase inventory and proof of concept. We knew we had a great idea and an amazing product,  but without getting in front of paying customers it’s impossible to tell whether you have a viable business. We were able to overcome both of these challenges with a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014 to get us off the ground and running.


Your watches are stunning and well crafted, How do you come up with these watch designs?

First off, thanks for the kind words! To this point, all watch designs have been created by the three of us with the help of the amazing Vincero community. We are always trying to determine what kinds of designs our customers want to see and what is lacking on the market at our price range. Then, with our experience of manufacturing we are able to pack as much punch in regards to product specs as possible with each specific design frame.

Is there a message you are trying to deliver to the customer with your watches?

Our goal with Vincero is pretty simple. We want to make men feel and look better by providing a watch with bold design and the look and feel of luxury watches 5X our price point. We build watches that will get noticed when worn, rather than conform to your wrist and give men more confidence in their daily lives.  Being able to purchase a watch that does so at our price point is unheard of and only feasible because of our experience in manufacturing.


Where do you see Vincero in 5 years?

It’s hard to believe Vincero has only been around for about a year and a half. We have tons of new ideas, designs, & products to offer and are truly excited about the future. In 5 years we hope that the Vincero Collective will be a large community of both men & women around the world and … Introduce Vincera which will become our Women’s line of products with the same goal of empowering women to be bold, confident and daring.

There are many other watch companies out there, what makes Vincero different from them?

Today’s watch industry, especially online, is filled with cookie cutter minimalist designs with classic or traditional inspirations. We strive to modernize design and provide a bolder alternative for men in today’s world. By offering modern men an alternative that looks and feels like a true luxury watch, we believe they are more equipped to conquer their day.

Many of these companies are in this business strictly for the profit. So not matter what their story page says, they are selling mass produced minimalist designs just like the problems they were trying to solve. We have a larger goal with Vincero. We want Vincero to become a community of like minded bold individuals who never shy away from challenges and have the boldness to push the world forward. We will be launching a journal that will profile these types of individuals. We want to start giving back to programs.


For those who want to start or are beginning their own business, what advice would you give them?

Before doing anything, prove your concept/product by getting it in front of real potential customers. As great as your family and friends may say your business is, you won’t get real feedback until you put it in front of people who have to actually make a purchasing decision with their hard earned money.

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