Asymmetrical Clothing is a Must for Your Summer Wardrobe

Asymmetrical Clothing is a Must for Your Summer Wardrobe!


Asymmetrical clothing and or asymmetrical design has contributed much creativity to the fashion world. Over the past year or so, designers have started to use asymmetrical design in much more types of clothing; skirts, tank tops, shirts, shorts and dresses. Out of the fashion hot spot’s, Japan is ahead of the game in using asymmetrical wear to its potential.

Asymmetrical clothing is not what people wear on a daily basis. This type of design is more common in the fashion world, where many designers want originality. Fashion has been nothing but symmetrical design despite the crazy bright and bold colors, the heavy print, the pastel solid colors, furry jackets and boots. But, nothing beats a person, man or woman, wearing asymmetrical clothing.


For example, say a woman is wearing an asymmetrical dress (as in the picture above); while one side of her body may be covered, there are sides with pieces cut off to show the length of her legs and the softness of her shoulders. Asymmetrical wear may very much be a representation of high fashion. In many cases, high fashion is about using the body to show the beauty of a certain piece of clothing.  


Even so, asymmetrical clothing can be perfect addition to a woman’s wardrobe. It is definitely chic, and can bring out some features that are  invisible to the naked eye, or as I like to say, the symmetrical eye. An asymmetrical dress can definitely be used for a hot date, or a night out at the bar, and maybe even a wedding. An asymmetrical top is perfect for a business meeting, a late lunch, or even a nice way to meet your in-laws. There is great versatility with this type of design, because it is definitely a way to suit different body types and different ways to piece clothing together. The future of asymmetrical design is one that is fun and more than anything, classy and pleasurable.

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