BED J.W. FORD Outstanding 2017 Spring/Summer Runway Collection

BED J.W. FORD 2017 Spring/Summer Runway Collection

BED J.W. FORD 2017 Spring/Summer collection, was presented in Tokyo at Shibuya Hikarie. Since brand has been founded, this was the first runway show. The designers Yamagishi Shinpei and Kosaka Keisuke deployed many stunning wardrobe that truly captured the entire venue.

The Japanese band “yahyel (Jahier)” was in charge of the music. The music was to reflect the depressed mood of the designer, moving the visceral music, echoing in space. Their feeling we’re truly protrade in existence with every textile look and clothes of the silhouette. While such as shoulders and sleeves are made tightly, pants or coat hem is cut to the asymmetry, but design feel the fluctuation.

While heavy use of jackets and coats, the gravitas not give much feeling .What really stuck out the most , would be the color palette. Color such as navy and camel, black, but shades reminiscent of somewhat military uniform.At the bottom of the black long coat, Ashirai large format scarf orange stripe as the inner, creating a three-dimensional sense of length. While a similar color, to place different items of the material in the upper and lower, while others were pleasing the difference of movement when walking.

Without being influenced by anyone with their fashion silhouette, Bedford this season was devoted to making things that resonated with him, and giving the brand its own identity. Stay tune to Rarenorm for more collections coming from BED J.W. FORD.

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