Ben Baller Presents Nano-Jesus Piece to John Mayer

2017 has been a cold 12 months for chains so considerably. Hardly ever a single to acquire a obstacle evenly, John Mayer has entered the fray with an promptly vintage piece: the “Nano-Jesus.” Mayer took to Instagram to flaunt, proclaiming it “THE TINIEST CHAIN IN Music (Emphasis is Mayer’s very own.)” Mayer paid out jeweler Ben Baller “like $800″ for the white gold chain. In accordance to Baller, he had to go to Estonia to uncover a precise ample laser machine to engrave Mayer’s most up-to-date album title, The Search For Every thing, on the back again of the gram, 14k chain. (Jesus’ eyes are twin VVS diamonds.) Baller managed to finish up the chain just in time to present it to Mayer before his exhibit in Los Angeles.

Check out out Mayer’s Instagram put up below and be certain to check out out Baller’s heftier work, like his Marilyn Manson chain that he designed for Lil Uzi Vert’s Coachella overall performance.

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