Decades of Decisions: Fashion Always Repeats

Throughout the decades there have been some wonderful fashion trends that have become iconic for that period in time. The Roaring Twenties had flapper dresses, the 50’s had poodle skirts, the 70’s had fringe and bell bottom pants, and the 80’s had high-wasted pants and crop tops. What’s exciting about all of those famous trends is that you can find all of them in today’s fashion. However, they might not always be exactly that decade’s style, but bits and pieces (usually the good ones) from that era.

See for yourself:

For the more casual attire, there is a huge trend with the 90’s grunge style, which usually consists of a crop top or t-shirt, some combat boots, and a plaid shirt tied around the waist. This style is perfect for a more relaxed occasion or going to a rock concert.

90s grunge

For the more feminine side of modern fashion trends, there’s the 1950’s look. The bright colors, multitude of pleats, and excessive amount of fabric encapsulate the 1950’s fashion. The best role model for showcasing the flirty and fun 50’s style is Zooey Deschanel, wherein she shows us how it can be quirky and adorable.

zooey fashion

For those who are a little more daring, throwing some pieces from the 1970’s would be perfect for you. Besides fringed jackets and bell bottoms pants, the most noticeable trend I’ve seen is the peasant blouse. It can be a very fun yet modern 70’s addition to your wardrobe.

peasant blouse

Whatever style works for you, if you see something from a different decade that you fancy, you should try to find a modern version of it or even spruce up an outdated article of clothing from the thrift store. More than likely it will be in style, and if it’s not quite yet in style, you could be paving the way to a new trend!

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