Exclusive Tour of G-Star RAW’s HQ With Pharrell, A$AP Rocky & More

To celebrate his recent statement while the co- “Head and operator of Imagination” of Dutch denim manufacturer G Star, Pharrell Williams asked a number of advertising in addition to a number of his best friends from around the world to visit the label’s headquarters. Completing Mind of Imagination’s part, a number of Pharrell’s several duties for G Star require getting his creativity to marketing some factors, like the item itself, and retail and international business strategy.


A few of the brand’s many knowledgeable staff across a wide selection of subjects, including Pharrell’s “RAW for That Oceans” task, which uses denim produced from recycled water plastic addressed to presentations guests.


Probably the most remarkable area of the tour was the store which counts up to 30,000 unique items in its containers. From sportswear to work wear is displayed, which works as resource material when designing libraries and services.


Switch through the substantial headquarters above and look the recap video below. Afterward, look the most recent items directly from G-Star’s online shop.

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