Facekini: The Swimwear Trend You Have To See To Believe

Facekini: The Swimwear Trend You Have To See To Believe


One of the best things about summer is the warm weather; it allows people to go outside, enjoy a day at the beach, go hiking, or just walk around town. The downside to all of these outdoor activities, however, is excessive sun exposure. We get tons of sun in the summer, and anytime a friend says “wow, you look so tan!” we take it as a compliment. Unfortunately, all that tanning is not very good for us. Nowadays, people are very aware of the risk of skin cancer. It is the most common form of cancer, and according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, “one in five Americans will develop skin cancer in the course of a lifetime.”


Does this mean that we should stay inside all summer? Of course not. Unlike vampires, people will not actually disintegrate from sun exposure. We do, however, have to be very careful about protecting our skin. If you’re like me, you know the struggle of trying to make it through a day at the beach without burning to a crisp. Sunscreen is great, but even SPF 100 can’t guarantee all day protection from all types of UV rays. Besides, it’s a bit of a hassle to have to reapply your sunscreen every couple of hours, especially if you’re in and out of the water all the time. It’s really difficult to protect your face, since floppy hats can’t be worn in the water. This is where a new swimwear trend called the facekini comes in.


Facekini is a trend that has taken off in China, where people go to great lengths to avoid tanning, and is now being marketed in the US. At first sight, the facekini is definitely a bit shocking. It has a fitted design with eye, nose, and mouth holes, and looks very similar to a wrestling mask. If you can get past its outlandish appearance, however, you may find that the benefits of the mask outweigh its ridiculousness. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, clothing is the best way to protect skin from the harmful effects of the sun. Facekini, for instance, blocks 99.8% of UVA and UVB rays, and can be worn comfortably in the water. It even comes in fun colors and patterns, so you don’t have to totally sacrifice your sense of style for protection. Who knows? By next summer facekini could even be the new bikini.



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