Fall fashion you can pull of day to day

Fall fashion you can pull of day to day

fall fashion leather

As summer comes to an end, you may be starting to think about updating your closet for the colder weather. Here is a review of fall fashion on the runway that you could easily incorporate into your wardrobe!

Colors, patterns, and textures oh my!

Some of the colors and patterns seen on the runway this year are old favorites, like khaki and plaid. Plaid appears pretty reliably in fall fashion, but this year it has gotten an update. Designers used it on everything from dresses to jackets, in muted colors and variations that made the look soft and subtle. Khaki is another oldie-but-goodie, and you can easily wear this neutral tone on chunky knits, casual pants, and chic outerwear. Khaki is joined this year by a burnt orange color that people are calling pumpkin spice, an appropriate fall tone that looks good on every complexion.

fall fashion plaid

Some of the more surprising colors and patterns for the fall were florals and dusty rose, which seem to blur the lines between seasons. The pink you see on the runway, however, is a toned down warm and fuzzy shade. It’s great for adding a pop of color to your neutral fall wardrobe. Similarly, fall florals are not the same sweet designs you see in the spring. They are much bolder, adding a cool-girl feel to any outfit.

fall fashion pink

Speaking of cool, leather was a definite favorite with designers on the runway. Many collections featured pants and trench coats in dark colors and high shine textures like patent leather. Another popular texture was velvet, which is the perfect mix of warm and luxurious for the fall. This trend is so dominant right now it featured at both New York and Paris fashion week.

fall fashion velvet

Baby, it’s cold outside

An essential piece to have in your fall wardrobe is a good jacket. This year, there were two stylish options that dominated the runway. First off is the shearling bomber jacket, combining a classy leather shell with luxe fur colors. It keeps you warm without forcing you to sacrifice style.

fall fashion shearling

Second is the somewhat surprising puffer jacket. In the past, these marshmallow-esque pieces may have been snubbed, but with new cuts and pretty colors, they are finally breaking into the world of fashion.

fall fashion puffer

Layers, layers, layers

One thing that was prevalent for the fall was layering. Not boring old layering like wearing five sweatshirts because it’s cold, but layering that combined surprising pieces and styles to add interest to a look. For example, Chloé’s fall collection featured slouchy pullovers over tiered tulle skirts.fall fashion layersOther designers combined the popular off-the-shoulder look with a plain tee, or slip dresses with long sleeves and turtlenecks. So don’t be afraid to get a little creative this fall, and have fun working these trends into your look!

fall fashion dress layers


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