Fashion Before You: Top 5 Favorite Louisa Clark Outfits

The movie Me Before You premiered a little over a month ago on the big screen, and it still has remained on my mind. Not only because it’s a beautiful love story, but because the movie has some wonderful outfits that will make you want to go shopping right after seeing it. There are many fantastic ensembles and/or pieces that the lovable and quirky character, Louisa Clark, wears. So, I couldn’t help but put together a montage of my favorite outfits!

1)Lou's coral outfit

This ensemble is wonderfully colorful and bright, but very sophisticated at the same time. It would be an absolutely perfect outfit for work, or going out for brunch with the girls. The color blocking for this is great with the bold choice of coral, mixed with the different shades of blue. This look would be a an affordable and trendy addition to anyone’s closet!

2) lou wall outfit

This is a bit more of a daring look, but it’s so adorable that I couldn’t resist talking about it. The best part about everything she wears in the movie, especially this outfit, is that she’s always making a statement. Those shoes, while they might not be everyone’s cup of tea, are an amazingly bold choice that carries this outfit.

3) louisa-heart-print-dress

This dress is darling! The hearts on the dress make it look fun and flirty, but the shape of the dress makes it have a hint of sophistication. It would be ideal for a fun date outfit or meeting up with friends for coffee.

4) red dress

This dress…is absolutely stunning! I remember watching the movie, and my jaw just dropped. It was a perfect color for her and a lovely shape to compliment her figure. Like I said before, she makes bold statements with her clothing and this is both bold and breathtaking.

5) Bumblebee tights

And finally, the best for last. I originally wanted to save the red dress for last. However, because of the symbolism of the tights, I picked this as the best outfit. In the movie, she absolutely loved her bumblebee tights and in this scene she wears them proudly. They may seem a bit taboo, but the point of this being my favorite outfit is that if you love an article of clothing, wear it! Show it off with confidence and you’ll be looking as happy as Louisa Clark!

me before you 2

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