Kimonos Are Key: A Spring Fashion Must Have

The word “kimono” literally means “thing to wear”, and that translation could not be more accurate, because it is the thing to wear this spring season. Kimono cardigans are all the rage in spring fashion this year, and you do not want to be without this fashion forward item. This time of year is all about shedding the winter coats and finding some lighter clothing options, which is why the kimono cardigan is perfect. It generally is a lighter material like chiffon fabric or a thin lace, which makes it so easy to just throw over any outfit of the day.

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Whether you’re going casual, with some cut-off shorts and sneakers, or adding some pizzazz to your night-out-on-the-town outfit, it can be the most versatile article of clothing in your closet. In addition to it being the perfect accessory, it also can be a cute and trendy alternative to a bathing suit cover-up for the Boho-chic beach goers. If you happen to have one and aren’t sure how to wear it or what to pair it with, here are some fantastic examples:

Festival Kimono

Need some ideas for Coachella this year? Try adding a Bohemian kimono cardigan like these ones.


Make your all-black-outfit into a vibrant ensemble that will turn heads.

kimono beach 3

Turn your beach attire into something fun and fashionable against the backdrop of a gorgeous ocean.

Kimonos can range in all different prices, depending on where you shop. However, if you’re looking for something more affordable or just have an itch to do something fun and creative in your day, check out the video below to learn how to make your very own kimono cardigan!

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