teamcozy Debuts “Exposure” Collection in Chicago Streets

Teamcozy Debuts “Exposure” Collection on Chicago Streets

teamcozy oversize parka

teamcozy oversize parka

Teamcozy is a team of fashion designers and comfort enthusiasts dedicated to creating clothes for one specific reason, coziness. Back in 2013, two of its members, Silas & Reggie met up at A HYPEBEAST headquarters in Hong Kong. The two shared many similarities, and both realized their obsession for anything cozy. They soon began a social media movement with the hashtag #teamcozy. The movement spread among fellow sneakerheads, who would tag pictures of their most comfortable sneakers under #teamcozy. Soon after they formed a team of 6 gentlemen, some from Toronto, some from Chicago,  dedicated to creating cozy clothing.


The official Team Cozy

Last week, teamcozy launched their very first collection. A few members of teamcozy took to the bleak streets of Chicago to showcase their debut apparel collection. Although it was snowing, the squad was able to capture the image of their newly-founded brand. The collection features well-made minimalist zip-up hoodies,and long sleeve hoodies, fleece pullover, fleece jogger pants, and over-sized parkas. All made for one purpose and one purpose only: to be cozy.

Check out the Chicozy- The ‘Exposure’ Collection below:

You can purchase items from the collection here

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