HUF Teams Up with Innovative Leisure & Hanni El Khatib on a Capsule Range

HUF and Revolutionary Leisure’s Hanni El Khatib have teamed up on a capsule collection in celebration of the previous HUF inventive director and musician’s new experimental Savage Instances LP. Fronted by Hanni’s trademark scorpion motif, the collection is composed of a common in good shape denim jacket, distressed denim, fleece hoodies and a collaborative Plantlife sock (a style originally produced by Hanni back again in 2005), a scorpion necklace in partnership with Japan-dependent CLUCT, and the new Hupper 2 leopard print shoe. The HUF x HEK capsule collaboration drops April 6 at HUF Los Angeles, HUF New York and HUF on-line and rages from $16 to $a hundred and fifty USD.

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