The Manifestation of Your Personality Through Style

The Manifestation of Your Personality Through Style


This generation has a vibrant way of self-expression. In each city every youth has their own unique way of showing the world how they dress. Whether if it is a girl or boy walking down the street wearing a side bag or backpack pinned with different types of buttons, just shows they have a way of expressing what they like; creating their own art. Fashion week is always an explosion of attention with different types of designers showcasing their designs. Every piece you see walking down the runway was envisioned in their mind. These designers were inspired in creating a piece of clothing and making it the way they want it to be seen by others. They style it in their own liking, taking the chance to have others be a critic.  The important thing you see is that they are always creating allowing themselves to be inspired by what is around them and how they look at the beauty of each item or view no matter the circumstance. This helps them capture a new taste and a new vision in which it adds on to their own creativity which we all posses.

Kanye West said, “I believe that everyone is a fashion insider, because it’s illegal to be naked.” Fashion is a way you see many people expressing their own identity showing off their personalities. Jaden Smith is one of them. In one of his interviews he spoke about how different types of fabrics inspired him. His interest for long drapey clothes came from different types of comic book characters including his fascination of being like batman, which sparked an interest and elevated him into trying something he actually thought was eccentric and now it is just apart of his style. He paints the correct image showing who he is through his style in a positive way because he chooses what he wants to wear according to his own liking.

The importance of fashion is to have fun with it. Not everyone is going to like the way you dress, but it is a chance to allow your energy to flow through your style. Allow yourself to be inspired by what you see and try to focus on what your eyes are seeing. Your mind is stimulated by what catches your attention. Let your ideas be vivid through your energy by the way you dress. Never be scared to show your true self through the way you dress. Live positively and never be afraid to express yourself with every color, material, design, accessories that are out there. Be authentic and creative be YOU.

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