Moncler Gamme Rouge Stunning 2017 Spring/Summer Runway

Moncler Gamme Rouge Stunning 2017 Spring/Summer Runway

Moncler Gamme Rouge 2017 Spring/Summer collection, presented in Paris, France was magnificent to say the least. The red tones that repeatedly appear accent the calm and sandy vibe they portrayed. These vivid colors (red, blue, and white) weren’t very suitable to many, but they came together just right with the patterns. Soon appeared the slim pants, silhouette blouse, and the plain crew necks; giving this line a casual look. Once the iconic color appeared, we can see how much it complimented the casual attire. Following the casual look and bending all the rules, they introduced the sleeveless crop top with a bold linear design. This bold crop top quickly become an eccentric ensemble by adding a long cloak. The cloak is introduced and it is just the touch to tie the outfit together and fit the body perfectly.

Furthermore, we notice the silver accenting the collection, majestic and offering us it’s futuristic elements. We can also appreciate the paisley design that counteract the bold three-dimensional colors. The mixture this collection is offering us gives us unbelievable feels at first glance; filled with lace embroidery, patchwork, and black and white print, we can appreciate it as if it is artwork drawn out before us. We can see Moncler’s values through this collection, never letting us down, and supplying us with something fresh and new. The Moncler Gamme Rouge 2017 Spring/Summer Runway was indeed a master piece, eyeopening, and unique! Stay tuned to Rare Norm for more from the Moncler Gamme Rouge Collection.

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