Raf Simons ‘The Telegraph’ Gives Fans a New Insight


Renowned Belgian designer Raf Simons sat down using a telegraph to discuss some subjects, including his latest effort with Danish material manufacturer Kvadrat. He talks about the increasing pace of the high-fashion program and his sudden exit from French luxury home Dior.

Everyone is paying attention to the wrong thing in my opinion. There’s this huge debate about ‘Oh my God, should we sell the garments the day after the show or three days after the show or should we tweet it in this way or Instagram it in that way?’… You know, all that kind of bullshit…What we should ask is will we have enough creative people who are strong enough and willing to do what is necessary right now to follow that madhouse.

The renowned artist also talked on his leave from French house Dior. Simons has expressed his disappointment in the increasing pace of style.

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