Ryo Kashiwazaki on the Hender Scheme Philosophy, Social Norms and Tokyo Lifestyle

Hender Plan’s design maverick Ryo Kashiwazaki, has effectively carved out his own creative market by means of a gorgeous catalog of luxe sneaker interpretations. Dubbed the “Homage” line, it is in this article the artist transcends noteworthy sneakers from imaginative items into wearable works of artwork. Dependent deep within the heart of Tokyo’s leather business, Kashiwazaki perfected his craft, very first as a cobbler and now as the main designer of his acclaimed manufacturer. In talking with SSENSE, Kashiwazaki facts his design philosophies, inspirations and his beloved city.

On the strategy of Hender Plan
“When I was finding out psychology in college or university, 1 of my focuses was gender principle. ‘H’ follows ‘G’ in the alphabet, so Hender Plan implies “beyond gender plan.”

On remaining centered in the Asakusa region of Tokyo
“In Tokyo, every region has its own vibe or lifestyle. Asakusa’s found in the east and I’m from the western component. The west was a freshly designed region, perfect for my parents’ era to commute to the heart of Tokyo, with reasonably priced rents.”

On picking shoe silhouettes for the “Homage” line
“For that assortment, what’s essential is deciding upon the most normal ones. That is so people can look at what we make with the current styles. I’m not expressing either is very good or undesirable. I just want to produce the point that there could be an tactic like ours.”

On his stance concerning shoes and outfits
“Shoes are what I love, so I want to make a lot more shoes. Garments has bought traits that transfer quickly, but shoes have not been adjusted or current from the pretty classics.”

On his philosophy concerning his shoe creations.
“Our philosophy is that our merchandise can turn into perfect as people use them. They are not perfection when they are made—I want to visualize them soon after they are employed.”

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