Clue Surfaces for General public Release of the KAWS x Air Jordan 4 “Good friends & Household”

‘The release of the grey KAWS x Air Jordan 4 could perhaps be the largest release of the calendar year. But when the dust settled and all pairs were being accounted for, a new “Friends and Family” structure appeared and desires were being shattered at the fact that they were being unique to only one person. Now, the black on black pair has a new clue and the lately produced information could be hinting at a doable release. Yeezy Mafia, who feel to always effectively predict drops, presents the information and stock quantity of the KAWS x Air Jordan 4 “Friends & Household.” But how minimal will this release be if and when it ever happens? 2018 spring/summer is the clue given.

Though Yeezy Mafia follows up with a #jk hashtag, they basically confirmed this will be occurring and the price will be the exact same as the greys’ retail tag. See the clue beneath.

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