Givenchy Launches “Active Line” Running Sneakers

Givenchy Launches “Active Line” Running Sneakers

“Givenchy, well-known for their luxurious, affluent style and haute couture clothing, has just released a new line of footwear that’s once again proved their skill in design. The “Active Line” Running Sneakers are the best in their class, though you might not want to run too far; a pair of these sneakers will put you out almost $600. The sneakers will be the first in the running shoe department by the powerhouse brand. The shoes are crafted of smooth black leather with colorful accents in leather, mesh, tech, and suede, and are made in Italy. Both the padded collar and midsole are de-bossed with the logo.givenchy-active-line-sneakers-1-1200x800

The florescent orange tab on the top of the shoe acts as a highlight for its make, and draws attention to the shoe as a whole. They’re a fresh, distinctive take on the traditional sneaker, and the quality of the shoe is stellar, as expected of Givenchy. The sneakers are readily available for purchase.givenchy-active-line-sneakers-4-1200x800

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